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... plowing masterfully away with guitar prowess that was, quite honestly, devastatingly, monstrously, miraculously, bombastically skillful, loud and so, so rock 'n' roll. Good lord, he was on fire, putting almost every other 69-, 59-, 49-, etc.-year-old to shame with a set for the ages, inspired by the ages...

His guitar, his voice, his presence. Awesome. Simply awesome.

The show? Utterly brilliant. One that will be hard not to remember. Impossible to repeat. Classic.

- Calgary Herald

There can be no doubt that Fogerty, 69, is one of the last practitioners of Chuck Berry-based, full throttle rock n' roll... To see him make the high strings shriek during Green River, to watch him jump up and down while egging on his son Shane to extend his guitar moment in an unhinged, extended The Old Man Down the Road and to witness him chicken-pick a solo on a version of Lookin' Out My Back Door that might have been even better than the original record ... well, that was, quite simply, rock n' roll.

- Montreal Herald

Sure, there was a lot of nostalgia here. How can there not be when you're dealing with such a remarkable catalogue of songs? But truth be told, this band that Fogerty is fronting now is probably better than that little four-piece garage band known as Creedence Clearwater Revival.

- The Hamilton Spectator

Everybody wins with John Fogerty's victory-lap performance... The man clearly takes care of himself and his voice; he sounds damn-near close to his recorded counterparts. He's also a hell of a guitarist, really digging into the scorching solos on songs such as Sweet Hitch-Hiker, from 1972's Mardi Gras.

- Winnipeg Free Press

Fogerty himself seemed to have a ball. The audience certainly did.

- The Telegram

The one-two punch of encores Bad Moon Rising and Down On the Corner drew 6,300 fans to join in

- Leader-Post

...the band started, the curtain fell down and there was Fogerty and his five-piece band tying right into Born On the Bayou. The crowd was delirious already... We should all be rocking the place like Fogerty did in Saskatoon when we're 69. Rock on John.

- The Star Phoenix

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