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    Review of the 30 October 2013 Hard Rock Cafe, Orlando Florida show

    It was a last minute decision to attend the October 30th show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando Florida. I am so glad I did.

    John Fogerty had no opening band, he didn’t need any. And I don’t know where the 2013 solo artist John Fogerty was, he didn’t show. I watched the 22-year old John Fogerty in full majesty! He started into a 29 song (!) set, and took no breaks except before the encore. This was simply astounding.

    The band was personally selected by John, and it shows. These were people honored to be playing with a rock legend, and they did their best to stay on time and make his job easier. As easy as it could be while the headliner is the lead guitarist and lead vocalist.

    John started the show by promising to perform the entire “Cosmo’s Factory”, and darn if he did. I see he is cycling back and forth performing that and “Bayou Country” at other stops. Near the end he joked “If you haven’t heard your favorite yet, you will”, referring to Bad Moon Rising and Proud Mary.

    I watched Fogerty tap his foot to old Creedence numbers, just like concert footage has him doing from the band’s heyday. He did not keep the same guitar, changing instruments deftly between numbers. When it came time to play the harmonica, it seemed an effortless transition and I noticed how seamlessly he did it. A small thing, but pleasing to see.

    Considering the long song set and tour schedule, his voice held up very well. His voice was a little thin on Up Around the Bend and Born on the Bayou, but that’s because he was shouting his head off. You could really feel the energy from the audience feeding back into John, he seemed to be truly having a blast playing for us. (And this is coming just one night off his performance on the 29th in Hollywood Florida).

    I sort of went nuts buying merchandize, getting a John Fogerty crowd guitar pick ($5), “Wrote a Song for Creedence” red t-shirt ($35), John Fogerty & Julie Fogerty Photo book ($50), and the Shriners were there selling the current CD for $20, but it was for charity and a chance to win a guitar. Didn’t win that.

    There actually were two guitar giveaways that night. John liked a young man in the crowd who was wearing the psychedelic “Butterfly” black t-shirt they were selling, and gave him one of his traveling guitars. Not making that up!

    The last two concerts I’ve been to were by bands with membership under the age of 50, who played for only an hour apiece. This show was a true treat for the John Fogerty fan. I hope he enjoyed his trip to Space Mountain at Disney World (as he told us he was going to for Halloween).

    For the final song, I stood up, danced, and sang along to “Proud Mary”. I never thought I would be able to do that in my lifetime, thank you again John for keeping that off the bucket list. I listened to CCR in high school and knew the lyrics to almost the entire show. That’s a testament to his songwriting ability, and his staying power.

    If you have a chance to see this tour, do yourself a favor and get to it any way you can. He’s never sounded better, and he’s pouring EVERYTHING into these performances. Keep on Chooglin’!


    Hey, thank you DOO DOO DOO (don’t shorten your name — ha ha)
    That was one stellar review, and you had yourself a ball out there, didn’t you?? WOW!!!
    What a great review!!!!
    I’m so glad you also bought a bunch of merchandise to remember the concert.
    So good to hear John’s still packin’ a punch!!!


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