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    I found this on Amazon, http://www.amazon.com/Creedence-Clearwater-Revival/dp/B00005OM4K/ref=sr_1_12?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1382003673&sr=1-12&keywords=creedence+clearwater+revival, and just had to laugh. It’s considered a ‘new’ release, yet there are reviews as far back as November of 2001. Years ago, I remember an article in which JF was a bit dismayed at the continued repackaging of CCR’s material and he said something to the effect that one day they’ll release something called, “Creedence in E”. It’s a sad, sad day when the previously released material continually gets repackaged, remolded and sold as something new to simply squeeze a buck out of fans’ pockets, but something like the Royal Albert DVD show remains shelved.


    that TOTALLY looks like a re-packaged knock-off of the original and official box set released in 2001. i wouldn’t buy it as John doesn’t get anything from it. The official box set came in a cardboard wood-grained box.


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    Good topic Guessy Girl why would John not get any royalties from the box set I thought he had a good contract from concord now.


    I probably should have been a bit clearer in my original post. I was in no way trying to suggest that it is JF attempting to squeeze more money out of another CCR repackaging item. No, it’s obvious that it’s the record companies doing this. What I find hard to figure out it that they really think they can make enough money doing this over and over again. The real die hards fans may opt to purchase this as an add on to their collection, but your average music fan who already has the CCR catalog is not going to dump $60 on this.

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    I was talking to a great fan last week at the Nokia show in LA about this record companies always put out new stuff out even if been out already maybee they say new remastering or any thing that will attract a buyer. Now think about even if the cd sales 50,000 copies or 100,000 or that cd that they would not otherwise have sold.


    Bayou Ed


    GOSH – thanks for posting the AMAZON.com link for us, Maniac!
    After reading what’s included, I really am interested in making the purchase for myself.
    ya know friends, the pre-creedence stuff is pretty cool….
    there’s some songs that I love to hear from those early days.

    Anyhow – Creedence and John Fogerty music are musical diamonds that never go dull.
    They sparkle with intense beauty even moreso brilliantly as the years go by.

    Peace / Love / Creedence X O


    I’ve done a bit of digging around on this box set, and the pre-Creedence stuff are the same tunes that were released on the previous box set that included the Fanatasy release of the Golliwogs songs under the album title, “Pre-Creedence”. As I read various reviews from around the Internet, some say the sound quality in this box set is great, others say not so much.

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