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    Hi all:

    Life has been way too difficult and not enough time to write about John which is not good. So tonight before catching some shut eye and heading to airport in morning, I wanted to post a few comments about tonight’s show in Baltimore.

    Tonight’s show turned out to be an emotional positive boost that I needed big time. Day started early this morning with my uncle’s funeral, my dad’s only brother. Although I had bought ticket for this show what seems like forever ago, I had no idea that two close family members would pass away in less than 3 weeks and change plans for traveling to see John. I wound up making my reservations this morning before the services and headed to the airport shortly after the mass ended. I remember my uncle listening to me play CCR records over and over again when he came over and he said I reminded him of himself playing Marty Robbins over and over again. He was a Korean war veteran and was awarded the Purple Heart while serving. I could not help but wonder when John did Fortunate Son tonight if the song has meaning for that war also. I think so…anyway, not to be weird about it, but I kinda felt like my uncle would not have wanted me to miss something I love to do so much. So I didn’t.

    That being said, John had a really good time tonight. I was happy with the crowd who was in to the show and stood for most of the songs. Even the senior generation! I sat around some nice people who didn’t get crabby when I stood and we had a great time together. Leaving the venue, I heard one man say the show was unbelievable, another lady was talking to someone and said that this show was by far the best rock and roll show she had ever been to. Nothing new for those of us who have seen John through the years.

    John’s voice did not show any wear and tear from being on the road a while now. His “yeah, yeah, oh year in Long As I Can See the Light was really strong. I love that song and it always makes me tear up. Beautifully written song and John’s performs it to perfection.

    The set list was as follows:

    Hey Tonight
    Born on the Bayou
    Good Golly Miss Molly
    Penthouse Pauper
    Graveyard Train
    Keep on Chooglin
    Joy of My Life
    Green River
    Who’ll Stop the Rain
    Lookin Out My Back Door
    Mystic Highway
    Ramble Tamble
    Hot Rod Heart
    Long As T Can See the Light
    Midnight Special
    Have You Ever Seen the Rain
    Pretty Woman
    Down on the Corner
    Up Around the Bend
    Old Man Down the Road
    Fortunate Son
    Bad Moon Rising
    Proud Mary

    The production of this tour is really cool. Love the lights, designs, fog, etc. that goes along with the songs. The confetti at the end of the show and the big beach balls are fun although some folks are surprised when they get hit with them when they don’t see them coming. A lot of hard work (as usual) that is going in to these shows. Missed seeing Shane but I guess he is back in school. It is a blast watching the happiness of John when he is performing with his son(s). And Shane looks so much like John it really is a blast from the past.

    Does anyone know how John found his latest band members? He again has done a super job of getting talent to play with him and really love what they are doing. The bass player is really unlike any of the others – this is not a put down to any of the others – but this guy is really fun to watch and listen to.

    Well, thank you John for giving me a happy ending to a day that began so sad. One end of the spectrum to the other. You truly are the best at what you do!!! And Baltimore crowd deserves a round of applause too! Was nice to see Cliff although we did not get chance to visit…

    Tired but ok.


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    Jim Adams

    Hi Darlene,

    We missed you at the show last night. The last time I saw Fogerty in concert was a couple of years ago in Philadelphia and then in Nashville. We went out with you afterwards then. Karen saw you last night from her seat, but we couldn’t make our way through the crowd before you had left.

    I like the way his shows have evolved over the past few years. There seems to be more crowd interaction, with the sing-alongs on Midnight Special, Have You Ever Seen the Rain, and Proud Mary. The balloons, the confetti, the dry ice, and the pyrotechnics during Fortunate Son were awesome. Also, I liked the leaner band as I felt like John was more featured than ever, and that’s who we went to see.

    John’s solo on Hot Rod Heart was a take-off from his guitar showdown with Brad Paisley, and I was impressed. I was curious when he did not introduce Kenny Aranoff after a tremendous drum solo on Keep on Chooglin’, but when Kenny did his thing later on during Ramble Tamble I understood.

    Great show, I think this is the eighth or ninth time I have seen John in the past few years and he is not slowing down on stage. Let’s hope it continues for several more years!



    Dear Darlene – I’m so sorry to hear about your family crisis, but if there’s anything that can help you get through some hard times, it’s the music of John Fogerty. I know that you know this. Thank you so much for getting out there to his show – I know it must take alot of traveling and planning for you to participate in his shows, but his music is worth every effort.

    Sometimes when you hear his music, those lyrics (that you heard a thousand times already) take on a new and more sensitive meaning. I don’t know how many different shades of blue Proud Mary has for me – possibly a million shades of the most beautiful blues and yellows… that song is a solid diamond of a song. It’s hard to describe how John’s music has moved me over the years.
    I love it when I hear Creedence or Fogerty songs played at the store, or on the pier or other public places like the ballpark and whatnot. IT’s just cool to hear John’s songs!!!

    I love the set-list!!! Thank you for writing it down during the show, Darlene – and typing it up here for us hungry fans…we are busy with jobs and families and cannot jetset to follow John on tour. I’m so glad to hear that John & Band are doing such a incredible, bang-up job out there on the road!

    Big thanks also to J Adams. I am hugely happy to hear that John played the newer version of Hot Rod Heart – that’s one monster good rockin’ song!!!

    Jim – also big thanks and hugs to you too for your nice writing!!! I love Hot Rod Heart and I like the

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