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    Please take a minute to visit the NEWS section of this website.
    John Fogerty wrote an essay in praise of his musical hero, Pete Seeger, whom he was quite fortunate to meet when John was just a budding teenager.

    I was impressed at the nice wordsmithing presented by John. I believe it was not a speech that John made off the top of his head, but rather – a written essay penned by him in memory of this great man.
    I can tell that John spent some time crafting this essay and it’s excellent!

    Writing is harder than speaking, because it is not the natural way that us humans express our thoughts. To say something is easy because if our listeners don’t understand what we say, we can rephrase our thoughts. When somebody writes a thought down, they have to be particularly concerned over the clarity of their message and if it accessible to everyone reading it.

    Well, ask yourself this: What good is writing, potentially, to you? The answer has to be, in some form, that writing is a way you can influence people: change their behavior, open their minds, bring them around to your way of thinking, make them happy, make them angry, get them to ask questions, get them to answer questions. Writing is so important to me in my life because it is a way to talk about important topics, such as John’s music and how it shaped my world. But it can do that only if people read and understand it.

    That’s the trick to really good writing.
    Getting people to think about something, to remember our past, to consider our history and to keep loving this Fogerty Forum!!!

    Please read John’s essay and enjoy the prose.
    I sure did!!!

    A + + + +

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