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    I posted this after the El Rey show but that was the next day that they took the website down and put up this new website so I don’t think anyone was able to read it. So I am putting it up here now.

    I think this was the best of John’s concerts that we have gone to. It was the same setlist as his last time in Canada, without Rock n Roll Girls, but it didn’t matter as he did all his other great songs. I think Pretty Woman was a highlight for the crowd. He did that and Blue Moon Swamp and Hot Rod Heart and Grapevine all in the same concert and I loved it.

    It was great seeing John’s sons and Rockin’ Gramma’s nephews, the young people who help keep us all young too.
    I think Tyler looks like he came right out the sixties, just like a young John, and his smile reminds me of Tom Fogerty.
    Shane Fogerty plays a mean guitar, all of John’s songs, how great is that for John and us fans?

    It was great to finally meet Rockin’ Gramma, our fellow Canadian, and Herm and everyone else.

    No one mentioned in their review that John mentioned Julie had done this birthday thing to him before on stage, with the cake and us fans singing. He remembered we had done this for him in Canada, but he said, “in Canada, way up there in the Arctic”, which I thought was so funny. So John bring your show back to the Arctic again and all us Canadians will be there with our parkas and toques!!

    I just wanted to say thanks to Rockin’ Gramma for emailing me the email to get the tickets as our first email did not work.
    I was happy to meet all the fans, but I think I didn’t meet bootleg and I didn’t spend any time talking to Mary which I wanted to do so that will have to be next time.
    Also after the show I went to the washroom and didn’t really talk to all you guys which I wanted to do.

    We ended up at the front up on the steps, a spot which Bill picked out, and so we didn’t have to crane our necks and I could see John and the bands every move. So things worked out for us. It was the best view I have at one of John’s concerts and I don’t expect it will ever be that good again. I came with low expectations so as not to be disappointed and it worked out well, just by luck. I figured go for the small venue and it will be good hopefully even if we don’t get good spots. But somehow we did. Just being there to see John and the family unit was so great.

    We travelled up the coast to San Francisco for the next few days, a trip which I realize I did backwards as it is better going north to south, but no matter, we did it and it is done!!

    So I am grateful to the Fogertys for inviting us to the greatest birthday party of all time and sharing their time with their fans.
    We got a picture of John with Petra’s hat on (which she had passed up onto the stage) and he was smiling. Of course John also mentioned the card that Bettylou put together and passed up from us fans and John said there must be 150 signatures. So thanks Bettylou.

    Thanks to everyone of the other fans we met again for making our day so great and to Trona whom we met for the first time, who was very proud to have bought me a Coke. Trona, come to see one of John’s shows up in the great Arctic and I will return the favour.

    Gotta sign off as we are travelling tomorrow to a soundcheck experience and meet and greet with Paul Brandt, our great Canadian country singer. Check out Highway Patrol and Convoy and Canadian Man on youtube and you will see some great Canadian humour, on par with the great Arctic experience that John had, ha ha.

    Rock n Roll Girl

    I just wanted to say that John and his sons did a rockin’ version of Lodi, guitar blasting left, right and centre. It was a highlight.


    Just wanted to add that John asked “Who is here?” and we put up our sign and he said, “Oh, Rock and Roll Girl is here and she has the sign to prove it.” And he gave a bow down to the Europeans who had traveled so far. That is just like John to be so appreciative of his fans and that is why we all love him so much!!


    Well, Rock N Roll Gal – as I always say, better late than never! So I thank you so much for all your nice writing of this wonderful birthday event that so many of us loyal TRUE BLUE Fans enjoyed – at the EL REY THEATER!

    John looked amazing, acted more like a 29-year old than whatever age he actually is! His voice that evening was strong, raw and pure – and his new songs were the highlight of the evening; “MYSTIC HIGHWAY” and “TRAIN OF FOOLS.” I remember thinking that life cannot get better in those instances when the fans are all gathered and are feeling true gratitude that our rock hero is alive, happier than ever with a beautiful wife who keeps his music fire alive, and his kids who emulate & LOVE him.

    John is a winner through and through, and despite all the bad things he had to endure, the man is full of joy – I really don’t know anyone who’s life is better! Fogerty’s doing what he loves best – rockin’ his songs to his legions of awestruck, amazed fans who travel to all corners of the Earth just to see him perform.

    Thanks Rock N Roll Gal! Sorry I Missed you and I don’t know if our paths will ever cross again, but remember to keep Creedence/Fogerty playing in the world – starting with yours.


    Thanks for the review Rock’n roll girl
    Walter from Belgium


    Hey, Queenie. We will likely come to Los Angeles again in the future and we could look you up then and meet to have some lunch and talk about John’s great music.

    John’s El Rey Theatre gig was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. We have tickets for Orlando in 2 days but we can’t make it so my niece is going instead. Hopefully John can do a Canadian tour next summer and we can see him then!!!

    Stay well until we meet again.

    Rock n Roll Girl


    It was such a great experience
    an intimate show in a small venue
    unforgettable !!!
    my top of Fogerty-shows together with the Southstreet Seaport-show in N.Y.

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