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    Ok I don’t normally write reviews so kind of bear with me and see if I can muddle through this. Doors to the venue opened at 7. My wife and I arrived around 7:10 and quickly got to our seats. Having been to a few shows at the Sands Event Center I wasn’t surprised to see the room nearly empty when we walked in. I really hate casino shows for the main reason that half the people there are there based on Comp points and not the desire to see the performance. As we got closer to show time however the building became quite full and by showtime it was nearly packed. Very nice SIZE crowd, but we will circle back to that at the end. I haven’t been to a show since the Thanksgiving parade taping at the Hard Rock in NYC a few years back so by 8:10 I was starting to get a little restless. Then the crickets started chirping and the frogs started croaking and the house lights dropped. It was time. Band came out to a nice applause and took positions. Then John hit the stage to a single spotlight and the place went nuts. “Thank YOOOOOUUUUUUUUU” and we were off. Began with Hey Tonight which is a favorite of mine. Show started great already. Next was Green River, Who’ll Stop the Rain, Born on the Bayou and Lodi. About half way through Lodi Kenny stopped drums for a few seconds and you could see John whip his head around to see what was wrong. It appeared like a cymbil had broken and the tech scrambled to replace the head but John and the band only missed about 2 beats before picking the song right back up minus the missing cymbil.. Next came possibly my favorite live song Ramble Tamble followed by Looking Out My Back Door (with a great intro on accordian by Bob Malone) and another favorite of mine Hot Rod Heart. Now I don’t know if it was the time restraints put on him by the casino or the lackluster response from the crowd but John did very little of his normal banter and just pounded us into submission with song after song.
    If any of you have ever seen a show in Bethlehem than you know the crowd can be a little dull and listless. Everyone sat on there ass during the whole show with a few exceptions (maybe 10 or 15 of us.) I hoped they would get with it at some point. Next was the first surprise for me, one I have never heard in concert Working on a Building.Then he went in to Midnight Special with a little help from the crowd. Might be hope for these shlubs yet. John then went into Grapevine and kicked the solo up a notch on it, best version I have ever seen personally. I classify this statement by reminding you that I have not been to nearly as many shows as most of you so I am basing this statement on limited reference.Bob acctually got the biggest response from the crowd to this point with his amazing solo. Now my juices are flowing. Next another I haven’t heard live before Southern Streamline. Now I am getting excited because I am following the set list and it nearly is identical to Boston a couple nights before in which he played Suzie Q. I have never heard Suzie Q live and it is my mission in life to hear it at some point or die trying. Anyway next he rolls out Gunslinger. I like this song I really do but now I am comparing it to the Boston setlist and he is changing things up. My heart starts to sink a little. Next he breaks into Mystic Highway. Now like I said I havent been to a show since Hard Rock so I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Shane play in the band untill now. I must admit he is an excellent finger picker. Now this is the point where Suzie Q was played in Boston so I braced myself and John walked out with the pearl white guitar and started up Long As I Can See The Light. Still no Suzie Q for me but dissapointment doesnt last long as I looooovvvveeee See the Light too. Next was Have You Ever Seen The Rain. Now he played another tune I hadn’t heard live to this point, New Orleans followed by a very soulfull version of Night Time is the Right Time. Now he is starting to get into his Mojo and the crowd is finally starting to wake up a little. Keep on Chooglin, Down on the Corner and there is a murmuring as the to this point lifeless crowd begins to stir. Out comes the Louisville Slugger and like a switch being thrown the crowd explodes. Now everybody is on their feet and the place is rocking. Why so long? Bastards!!! Anyway, now with the crowd involved John has really gotten into his performance and really starts playing to the crowd. Up Around the Bend, Old Man Down the Road and Fortunate Son follow and these people are finally starting to resemble a rock and roll crowd and not a casino crowd. Encore is Bad Moon Rising and Proud Mary. Now I am spent and I have to go work my eight hour shift but at least I have Johns music ringing in my head to get me through the night so I floated to the car, dropped my wife at home and went to work replaying the night over and over in my head and already planning my next show,


    Bummer than Gunslinger was left out of the live download?


    Thanks for the review


    That was a great review. Thank you so much.
    I’m so happy to hear you had a great time but
    yes those who sit on their hands drive all of us
    fans crazy.


    Thanks for the very nice review
    Walter from Belgium


    HahaHA! MIKE! (pABUfAN)
    What a great story!!!
    I loved reading your funny description of the set list, and I’m so sorry that the crowd was a bit on the dull, lackluster side. Some times that’s how it goes, huh?
    They paid their big bucks to get into one of the best house parties on the planet, so I guess they can act any old way that they want…God gave us CHOICE, didn’t HE? Well, I Choose to MOOOVE
    whenever I have the good luck to find myself at a Fogerty show…yes, yes, yes indeed!!!

    I just don’t understand it one tiny little bit when people act like corpses and don’t get up to dance and wiggle — but I’m such a died in the cotton CREEDENCE FAN, and us old timers still have the funk to get on UP and DANCE during the show, don’t we? HA HA!
    Moving to the grooving!!!

    WOW - I never saw Kenny smash a cymbal so hard that he fractured it! Glad to hear that the band is so tight, that they recovered in 2 seconds! Kenny is one hard-working drummer man!
    I LOVE HIM and his devotion to all things Fogerty/CREEDENCE!!! *** *** *** COOL!!!!

    RAMBLE TAMBLE is always my # 1 favorite song to see performed LIVE by Fogerty and BAND. It’s never played the same identical way twice…no no no no no!!! They change it up each and every single time that it hits the stage…..I love the old track on Cosmo’s Factory, and I spin it every couple of days, just to keep my blood from clotting and preventing me from an early death.
    RAMBLE TAMBLE SAVES LIVES, as you know!!!
    It’s a wonderful musical potion of life and mojo, that’s for sure!!!
    Thank you, John Fogerty – for writing it all those many blue moons ago….

    PABUFAN — – — -I’m so happy that you were able to get out to a Fogerty show and enjoy it with your wife. That’s what makes marriages strong!!!

    Thank you for your excellent review….X O I loved it!!!! X O X O X O

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