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    Any news on the book front ?

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    denis eudes

    Do you really expect an answer from this site????


    LOL…JF’s work ethic is well known, so if he puts as much effort towards perfection with his book as he does with his music, patience is going to be needed.

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    Swamp Girl

    They are deep into the book right now. All I can say is…you guys are in for a freakin’ TREAT. :)


    May the hard work continue….work, work, work hard, dear writers and artists!!!

    What will be included in this fine book about John’s legacy?

    I hope that John throws in some sheet music, some of his own artwork that he’s done, some old photographs and some juicy stories that we have not yet heard.
    It would also be very impressive to read about some of his favorite recipes.
    IF John has his own mission statement, that would be interesting to see too!!!!

    I hope he talks at length about his childhood before he was so engulfed in music.

    And most of all, I really hope and pray that John explains HOW he comes up with his music!!! I know that is an organic sort of process, and he does not resort to any mathematical formula or any sort of musical pattern, like one would sew a dress from a pattern.
    No, it’s a highly original process and I hope that John spends quality time in bringing about an explanation of HOW he writes his new songs and if that differs at all from how he wrote those CCR tunes so many moons ago.

    I know he’ll venture into deep waters about his Creedence days, and how the days turned into years, but then it was all over before he could get a solid grip on his astounding success!!!
    But Creedence is still alive today, and I hope that he has some explanation surrounding the power of that early music.

    Anyhow – I hope that it is a big, coffee table, artsy sort of book with lots of family photos, colorful paintings and that he gets everything off of his chest, once and for all.

    My dream is that he creates a book that is so beautiful, thick and glossy, chock full of interesting stories and historical facts regarding his life that even if you are not a fan of Creedence of John Fogerty, (and who could be such a dolt?), that after picking up the book, every person on this beautiful planet Earth will marvel at his book and say,
    “This is the new standard of autobiography.”
    “This is COOL!”


    Who taught me to have such stratospheric goals?

    Da man who wrote all those amazing Creedence songs is who.

    Good luck to all who are working hard on writing this book. I am sending up prayers on your behalf right now that you deliver to the world a book that is worthy of the music of John Fogerty.

    God bless and Godspeed to you all.

    X O X O X O


    hi swampgirl
    Any more info on john fogertys autobiography…..

    steve from England.


    !!!! WE WANT DA BOOK !!!!

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    Swamp Girl

    Guys, guys… these things take time. More time than albums in most cases! There is no update from last time. It’s still deep in the works. You just gotta be patient. :) But I love DRBQ’s post… What else do you want to see covered in the autobiography to end all autobiographies?



    hi swampgirl
    Some really rare photos from his creedence days….and from this uk fan….john fogerty telling us about his experiences about the royal albert hall gigs from 1970.

    steve from England.


    OOOH!!! Swamp Girl!!!
    You’re getting me really excited about John’s bio!!! I CAN”T WAIT!!!
    I don’t wanna WAIT!!!!

    So please tell John he HAS to include:

    Early photos of his life and growing up in his family, neighborhood, school, church.
    He has to discuss alot of how Stephen Foster influenced him in his songwriting infancy!!!!
    I’d like him to delve into his feelings regarding serving in the National Guard.
    There has to be some positive feelings in there….there just HAS to!

    How did he know that his early Creedence songs would become so successful? What made him believe in his music BEFORE it became world famous?
    What does he have to say about his young adulthood confidence?

    Favorite recipes (does John cook?) Who cooks in the family?
    Do they eat out alot?
    Best flavor for birthday cake – – – include lots of pictures of cakes (wedding, etc.)
    Some art work that John has created with his own hands (like drawings, paintings, claywork, etc)
    Sheet music of all of his best songs!!!! YES! YES! YES!!!!

    HOW DOES HE WRITE HIS SONGS??? What is the process? What is the mood? What is the setting?
    Does he write music down in his own music code? Does he record it? How does he keep working on a song, day after day and not forget his place?
    How LONG does it take him to compose a song?
    Do the notes on the guitar have special compartments in his brain?
    WHY did he choose the guitar above all other instruments?
    What motivated him to compose in the Creedence era versus now?
    What’s the story behind the harmonica?
    How did he come to appreciate the banjo?
    He has to include an entire chapter on how the melody gets married with the lyrics of his songs!

    John has to pretend he’s teaching really good music students on HOW To compose a good song that will endure and become national anthems…(Centerfield would be the format).
    (For example – what secrets could John teach an accomplished student; somebody as talented as Jack Black – for example) ??? IS he willing to share some trade secrets of his song genesis?

    What are his signature guitar cords that he plays?

    How did he survive such strenuous adversity after Creedence disbanded and the courts kept piling on the law suits? How does he handle personal adversity?
    What did he think about during the dry years of writer’s block and extreme frustration?
    WHAT got him through the tough times of loneliness and despair?
    Does he trust in God?

    More pictures of current times and tours should be printed in super heavy, color photo paper.
    There should be at least 100 pages of photos throughout!!! All in COLOR, oh yeah!!!!
    (of course every album he ever released must be in the pictures)
    Wouldn’t you just LOVE to understand his psychological address while composing HOODOO?
    I DO!!!!

    What are his favorite places in the world to travel to?

    Does he have a personal mission statement or just a mission in life?

    Will he ever retire from music?

    How does he feel about his famous songs now that they are proven hits?

    Does he have any words to offer the average person in this world who’s just trying their best to get by, and not get swept up in the constant barrage of negativity that whirls around our heads all hours of the day and night?

    Anyhow – – – – I just hope that John Fogerty pours his heart and soul into this ONE BOOK that is going to be authorized by him. It should be the caliber of book that he is as an artist.
    The biggest / the most colorful / the most unique and beautiful / the one and only officially authorized biography that the world has ever seen. He must include alot of personal stories about his live and loves.
    Tell us a story about Mrs Fogerty that we have not heard.

    And every person who sees this book sitting heavy on the glass coffee tables of the world, they should be impressed by it and say :WOW: THIS IS THE MOST INCREDIBLE BIO I’VE EVER READ!!!!:

    In the same way John Fogerty elevated rock music to new and stratospheric heights never before seen before the era of CCR, John Fogerty should also inject into published works a new standard to the nonfiction autobiography.

    AMEN and GOD BLESS!!!

    X O

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    Swamp Girl

    And remember…this isn’t just a normal biography about the life of a rock singer. This is John, telling his story, in his own words.


    Talk about everything that you feel like talking about!!!
    Get if OFF OF YOUR CHEST!!!!

    Let it loose and let it go free…AMEN!!! / AMEN!!!!


    It’s probably not going to happen, but maybe it would be nice if John , at the end of this book, would give us and idea if he thinks he’s ever going to play together with the two other members of CCR again, or not. (Not for the money, but for a good cause for instance)
    Just once is fine by me, as long as I’m able to be there :-)
    When it’s written down by John it would mean so much more than all the newspaper articles we read so often. Here’s hopin’ ….

    Also I think it would give the readers a very good feeling if John doesn’t attack the other two too hard. Just say he disagrees with them on several or a lot of things, but in a civilized way .
    After all there was a time when they made GREAT music together !

    Also interesting will probably be to let us know why exactly he (if it’s John) doesn’t want the Royal Albert Hall video to be released. Fans want to hear it since it’s one of the few , if not the only , decent CCR live videos available. And the music is what it’s all about , right ?

    These are just a couple of my ideas, I can come up with more if I want, and I guess there are many more by oher fans , but let’s hear what John has to say first.
    All the rest can be put in book number two :)

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    Miss Hoodoo

    What Queenie said :-D LOL what’s left to ask? Just hoping for nice pictures and nice stories. I dont know what to ask. I’m the one that stood face to face with him once and asked “what car do you drive” so dont expect anything from me :-D

    Miss Hoodoo

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    One thing I’m really curious about is John’s solo recording of “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” that was produced by Dann Huff (who has produced some of Keith Urban’s records, among others) and appeared on the “Evan Allmighty” film soundtrack CD (although only the original CCR version was actually featured in the film, running over the opening credits). Although the original may be my all-time favorite CCR song, I think that this solo studio version is also tasty and powerful. I have a sense that this record may have been intended as part of a larger project, maybe an album intended primarily for the country music market, but that the idea was ultimately scrapped. But this is only my speculation. I hope that John will include in his book a discussion of what led him to work with Dann Huff and re-record HYESTR, how the record wound up on a film soundtrack CD, and whether it indeed was originally intended as part of another project.


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