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    And wouldn’t it be cool if the final chapter was entitled…

    The Mystic Highway to Love and Happiness and Unconditional Forgiveness



    You are right Dana, “Have you ever seen the rain” from the soundtrack from “Evan Allmighty” is one of the most beautiful versions of that song that I’ve ever heard !

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    denis eudes

    Sorry, but J.F does not sing on the soundtrack,it’s the Hollywood Session Group.

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    Denis, John’s solo version of HYESTR can indeed be found on at least the US version of the soundtrack CD. You can also download it as an individual song from online music services like iTunes. Check it out.



    Song number 3 on the CD, a new (2007) studio version from “Have you ever seen the rain” by John Fogerty.
    Curb Records D2-79013


    OH! MISS HOODOO asks a really great question!!! WHAT CAR does John Fogerty drive???
    WOW!!! I totally MISSED the car thing!!!
    Here in Southern California, cars are KING!!! Nobody can get anywhere and nobody can do anything and nobody can see anyone without their CARS!!!!

    Although I do suspect that John drives around in a pick-up truck.

    John could also devote a chapter to his running routines, and if he likes to backpack out in the wilderness overnight. Give us more of that Green River chapter of his life.


    Could this be correct ???

    John Fogerty Memoir
    By John Fogerty
    Published by Hachette Audio
    Genre: Biography and Autobiography
    Published on Dec 1st, 2014
    Format: Audio Book
    Subformat: Downloadable
    Edition: Unabridged.

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    Swamp Girl

    The official John Fogerty Autobiography release date has not been determined yet.
    All accurate information will be released on John’s website.
    Thank you!

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    I would like to know more about the influence of John’s mother in his music. He mentioned once that she went to see a show by Pete Seeger and she took him along. There was something he discovered there in terms of guitar playing.

    What kind of music did his parents play in their house and was it a factor, or not much influence on him?

    How did he know at such a young age that he wanted to sing and do records? He mentioned once Shoo Fly Pie that he would sing for his parent’s house guests, I would guess at a young age.

    In the book I would like to see the picture of the four brothers when they were young in flannel shirts that John’s people put up on the screen when they did the retrospective slide show at the Canadian shows the last time he was here.

    Sometime it would be nice if there was a transcript of the Sirius performance in New York City, but this would be too long to put in the book.

    Rock n Roll Girl


    hi swampgirl
    Any more info on the book release date?

    steve from England.

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    Swamp Girl

    They are still knee deep in the book. I will hopefully have some information in the next couple of months. Thanks for being so patient. This book is going to blow your minds!


    hi swampgirl
    Any updates on the book…..Christmas is getting close.

    steve from England.

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