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    I was channel surfing the other nite and landed on “Across the Universe”, a really wonderful movie that plays out to Beatles music. If you haven’t seen it, rent it. Very cool and very original.

    While I was watching I got to thinking, wouldn’t a movie based on John’s music be awesome? can’t think of another artist who could do it. Here are some thoughts I had on a fictional biopic based on John’s music, luv to hear others ideas. My version Might go a little sump in’ like this:

    Opening credits and a baby JC is born in a little house looking over the bayou.
    music – Born on the Bayou.

    Act 1
    As JC grows up we see scenes of an idyllic youth growing up in the delta and swamp, playing baseball, swinging off a rope swing, having fun.
    music – Green River, Centerfield

    JC develops a love for music early, and joins in with a group of street musicians, is very happy.
    music – Down on the Corner.

    All is not perfect though, as the swamp witch appears and life changes. JC’s father loses his job and leaves the family to seek work in the city, he does not return.
    Music – Wicked Ole Witch, Someday Never Comes, Midnight Special

    JC goes to work in the fields to support the family. He works hard and plays hard. Scenes of both
    Music – Almost Saturday Night, Cotton Fields

    Act 2
    Again change comes, in the form of the war. JC is drafted. He is sent to Southeast Asia, battle scenes in the jungle, helicopters, Siagon, cutting to scenes of the war on TV and finally JC musters out, with his best friend and music buddy.
    Music – Run Through the Jungle, Saw it on TV, Fortunate son.

    JC and friend come home to bad receptions, they hitchhike cross country to Woodstock and take in the festival. . We see scenes of JC/Buddy sitting around the campfire at night jamming with other musicians he meets at the festival, visuals cutting back and forth to performances from the festival and the crowd in the rain. ( Actual CCR footage would be AWESOME here)
    Music – Who’ll Stop the Rain, Keep on Chooglin, Rock and Roll Girls.

    JC and his new band struggle to make a living playing clubs and county fairs They almost give up until a club owner gives them a big break and pushes the band and they sign a record deal. Scenes close with crowd rock in’ at large outdoor show.
    Music – Blueboy, Lodi and Bad Moon Rising.

    Scenes of JC and his band making it big, big cars, hot women, guys in shiny suits, collage of shows
    Music – Rockin’ All Over the World, Hey Tonight, Ramble Tamble and Traveln’ Band.

    Act 3
    We see the issues that go along with rapid success and crooked record companies, the band continues to make great music, but with the pressure goes problems. Tempers flare, egos inflate, peronal relationships suffer, the record company exploits the band. They breakup.
    Music – Wrote a Song for Everyone, Mr. Greed, Old Man Down the Road

    JC struggles, lost and lonely, angry. Drinks too much, pushes people away, loses his muse, can’t make music. Finally goes home to the swamp, reunites with the girl who always loved him, finds how way back to his music.
    Music – Broken Down Cowboy, Joy of My, Life, Have you ever Seen the Rain

    JC settles into family life and rediscovers the joy in making music for his many fans, movie ends with him surrounded by kids, grand kids, friends singing around the campfire.
    Swamp River Days, Mystic Hiway, Can’t Go Wrong if You Play A Little Bit of That Creedence Song, close with JC rollin down the river in the Proud Mary.


    Hey Baldwin,

    You have some mighty fine ideas there. Good for you! I hope that someday we will see John’s story told as it really happened. I’m so glad that he stood up for truth, and didn’t sweep all that bad stuff under the carpet as if it didn’t matter.

    His story will be told for generations to come. People will learn from it and maybe it will help prevent other artists from being cheated out of their life’s work.

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