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    Miss Hoodoo

    We need to get John back to the UK! (and Ireland!)
    it worked for South America so this is going to work too! :-D

    Miss Hoodoo
    (okay Steve, now you’ll have to buy me TWO drinks ;-)


    hi all
    Well miss hoodoo..the campaign starts here ……..come on john fogerty and his camp the uk and Ireland has a swarm of dedicated fans who would ” love” to see you again….not a festival but a packed arena (remember the hammersmith Apollo London)….and …two drinks…….yeah no problem,

    steve from England.


    Perhaps promoters are running shy or JCF maybe thinking absence makes the heart grow fonder.A social networking campaign may help.

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    Tom H

    Need John to come to UK/Ireland as the loyal fans in these countries deserve to see him. Not sure why this isn’t happening but when you have the fan base in this area then surely it makes sense to do at least one date. Please get it sorted and drop by.


    hi Richard
    how are you……was a long time ago we met in oslo 1997 to see john fogerty …..great memories…hopefully this campaign is gathering momentum for john fogerty to come to the uk and see his fans….

    steve from England.


    Hi Steve,

    Yeah fine thanks.AS you say Oslo was a special time being the 1st time i saw JCF. I tend to be more active on the various facebook sites than here but do check in from time to time.As you say there is always hope.The UK always seems to be the poor cousin, but i guess it comes down to logistics and finances.

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    this issue of John coming back to UK irritates me as I have travelled Europe for many years and went to the Sydney Opera House in 2005 so Id like to think that I know his tour itinerary fairly well and will go to concerts when venues, times and dates are suitable to my availability.
    John appeared at the Albert Hall in that well talked about event which was far from a sell out and prior to that he appeared at Manchester which was not a sell out. Prior to that was the Wembley Arena gig which was less than half full capacity.
    The next day he appeared at Glastonbury and was given rave reviews and the audience was a pre subscribed sell out
    He appeared at Hyde Park with Bruce and was a sell out irrespective of JCF appearing.
    Yes, his Hammersmith show was a sell out and one of the best I have seen so maybe a consideration is given to these type of venues in places outside London
    I note that his Fall shows in the US were in mostly small venues and they looked packed so maybe a few similar gigs in the UK would be the answer.
    So, I am sorry but if John only does Festival sites, I will not be attending, maybe I m getting older but standing on camp sites and in large marquees is not my game these days.
    I personally think that John as an individual performer within the UK is now not the attraction that the big promoters wish to invest in. Whilst it be a harsh comment, I do feel that that this is the reason of his reluctance to headline his own shows in the UK. Maybe the Albert Hall gig was that message as personally I was disappointed not to see the place full to the rafters.
    On a final note, John consider the Philarmonic Hall in Liverpool, it would suit you and your sound and would be welcomed.



    The Olympia Theatre in Dublin is also one of the most beautiful venues and most suitable for a John Fogerty concert


    hi Thomas
    Some interesting points to your thread I do agree festivals are not my thing and I want to see john fogerty do a concert like the excellent hammersmith gig which is suited to john fogerty these days…. the albert hall concert probably didn’t go according to plan…..perhaps john fogerty, doug Clifford and stu cook …should reform creedence …..fill the albert hall I have know doubt …..and it would be a creedence concert,with songs written by john fogerty. I have know doubt that he will not be stepping on to these shores this year which is sad for this long time fan, I just wish swampgirl would confirm this and put us uk fans out of our misery….because we just keep hoping.

    steve from england

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    Steve, the US dates are being announced a little at a time. Perhaps there is still hope for him coming to your area.



    hi nancy
    I hope so….but times marching on.

    steve from England.

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    Tom H

    Hi Steve,
    Does anyone from The John Fogerty team read these discussion’s. The lack of response makes me think no. As a lifelong fan I just hope every year he will do an intament gig somewhere in Ireland or the UK . So rather than leaving his fans hanging, waiting, hoping, a clear response from his team would be much appreciated. Plus agree with Arnold The Olympia in Dublin would be perfect for a John Fogerty concert or The Waterfront Belfast also would be great and I’m sure numerous venues around the UK. You never know what’s ‘up around the bend’ so fingers crossed…Tom


    hi Tom
    I have the same idea as you do at the moment…the lack of response is a concern…..are you out there swampgirl.?…if there is no feedback then why bother being active on this site.

    steve from England.

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    Hi Steve
    Just wanted to say that I’ve asked swampgirl several times about John coming to the UK\Europe and got no response. I tend to think that, sadly for the fans, no one from John’s team looks at the forum.


    hi Lorraine
    Thanks for your post….your probably right.!!!!.

    steve from England.

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