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    Can you bee-leeve it? It’s time to SPRING FORWARD an hour with our clocks once again!!!! GADS!!! I HATE THAT SO MUCH!!!!

    daylight savings time

    So when I get to bed Sunday night, I will have to be sure to break all my clocks that I have in my house and also my car, and set the time ONE HOUR ahead.
    Or I hope I don’t accidentally spring BACK one whole hour!!!
    That would be so FUNNY!!!

    (NO, it really wouldn’t be so dang funny, but why we keep pestering with this foolishness, “Daylight Savings Time” is beyond me!!!

    Daylight Savings Time never saved a single thing, my friends!!!!! UGH!!!!
    ARGHHHHH!!!! EEEEeeeeeekkkkKKKK!!!!

    dang daylight savings


    Ron Burgandy is DA MAN!!!!

    Yeah, I have to get up on Monday morning at my usual time: 0445!!!
    That is super-DANG EARLY, my friends!!!!! Now it’s only gonna FEEL WORSE!!! AHHHHH!!!

    funny little kid


    grumpy old lady

    I just HOPE i don’t screw it up and set my clocks an hour back.
    That would really make my MONDAY totally SCREWY!!!!

    bad monday

    what would that mean? That I’d be two hours early? OR two hours LATE???


    Indians can't believe DST

    Two hours early wouldn’t be so bad, except that I would be so totally sleep deprived that I would have to drink an entire POT OF COFFEE!!!!

    Two hours late would mean that everyone in the wards would totally HATE ME for being such an incompetant clock adjuster!!!!

    daylight savings blows.


    Oh, yes, wait a minute, Mr. Barista
    Wait Mr. Barista

    Mr. Barista will you brew for me
    (oh yeah)
    Some coffee in your espresso machine (please, please Mr. Barista)
    This daylight savings time (Oh yeah)
    Gone and frapped up my mind

    I desperately need some joe today
    Can you brew it up right away
    This time change has me really bumming
    I don’t know if I’m going or coming

    I’ve been awake since it’s been four
    Or is it five, I’m confused all the more
    Some joe will set my my straight
    Please, Mr. Barista, I just can’t wait.

    Profile photo of Dan Smith
    Dan Smith

    Move to Arizona no time change.


    Don’t change your clock…just stay stuck in the past.


    What the h3ll happened to my post?

    Must have been daylight savings time botching up my cut and paste ability.


    Never fear, Johnnie!
    I think your post did post! HA HA!

    I had a great day at work Monday – the clocks in the hospital were all wrong because nobody was sent to reset them. Consequently, I kept looking at all the clocks on the walls and they were running an hour behind, and that made the day go super fast – when I looked at my watch, the time just flew!!!

    The following day all the clocks were reset for daylights savings. Whew.

    I guess I adjusted to the fuss and confusion quite well.

    I even managed to reset my digital clock in my car. It only took one touch! WOW!!!

    But I really think daylight savings is all nonsense. The time to stop adjusting it is NOW.
    Peace to all.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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