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    I’m relatively new to Creedence and John Fogerty (I’m 14), but I’ve been listening for about the amount of time that CCR existed. Now, I know the legal troubles, I know the harsh words and actions that have been said and done, I know that Tom has passed, and I know that Doug and Stu aren’t exactly up for it, but I think, John, if you can throw away your pride, and try to make ammines with your band mates, you can still get the band back together. Please. The Eagles did it, Duran Duran did it, YOU can do it. Do it for all your old fans and also your younger fans who weren’t around to see Creedence in action. Get the band back together!

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    Mark Ebbesen

    I really don’t see it happening. Maybe it’s supposed to be left back the days, it’s all part of the CCR myth.

    But like Fogerty once said it: “Where there’s life, there’s hope”.

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    I doubt it will ever happen, too long of time has passed. 40 + years. The other bands mentioned were apart 14 years or less. Would it be great to see it happen, yes, but I really doubt it would happen now. John doesn’t need them now anyway.

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    Hoodoo Bob

    I predict that it will not happen. BUT, if it does, it will be because Julie softened his heart.


    Truly, it won’t ever happen, so we should stop talking about it.

    But what if they got together to play their old hits – how do you think their blended music would sound at this date and time?
    Would that soulful Creedence sound re emerge once again – like on those old albums? Like an old ghost who was hiding in the back corner of the room after all these years…yeah….it would entail alot of hard work, but I think the secret is in the personalities.

    That is what everyone is speculating about. Creedence had this mysterious blend of musicianship, & character which brought about a very unique sound. Some said it was their simplicity that won the rock world over, and others say no – it was a high level of musical sophistication that set their music apart. I only know what sounds good.

    OF course John Fogerty must be awarded the credit for writing these incredible rock classics, but don’t forget who helped deliver them into the world. Tom, Stu and Doug have to hold up that big candle of credit too. The history books have already written down all the names.

    I know the reunion of CCR will never happen ever again, my friends. It’s time to embrace that truth – LOVE what we have left from that era, and y’all have a nice day!


    I hope that they will never comes again because if it happens it is only for the money. Not for the music, the friendship or the fans.
    Walter from Belgium

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