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    One Great Show, He played to a sold out crowd of Fogerty Fanatics.My ears are still ringing.Hooch!


    Yes, indeed. John rocked Washington DC last night. There was a lady on the front row with a cool shirt that got John’s attention. The front said Since 1969. The back said my dad is the only man I have loved longer than John Fogerty. Then at the end right before Proud Mary John signed a baseball for a young boy on the other side of the front row. Here is the setlist in chicken scratch shorthand:

    737 Trav Band
    Ooby Dooby
    Ramble Tamble
    Lookin’ Back Door (Bob Malone squeeze box intro)
    Jungle Run
    Up Around Bend
    Before Accuse Me
    Baby Left Me
    Stop Rain (Woodstock story)
    Long See Light
    C Field
    Green River
    Suzie Q
    Mystic Hwy
    Joy Life
    Hot Rod Hrt
    Born Bayou
    Mid Special
    R+R Girls
    Pretty W
    Hey 2nite
    Down Corner
    Old Man
    Fort Son

    Rock on John! See you in NYC! Woohoo!

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    It was a great concert! And while all played excellent, I thought that Devon Pangle was a very cool guitarist, and great asset to the band. Thanks for a great night of entertainment.


    Hey Grad School!!! I like your shorthand!! HA HA!!! Really good shortcuts to John’s biggest songs!!! You know what, I really would LOVE to hear him play Cosmo’s all the way through just like how he released the album…you know – start off with RAMBLE TAMBLE, get into Before You Accuse Me and then is it 737? Then Lookin Out? Then OOB? Then Jungle Run? Then what’s next? Up on the Bend? My Baby left? GRAPEVINE in super Creedence funk fashion??? OOOOOH OOOOOOOH LOVE IT!!! Then last upcoming is Put a Candle —oh YEAH!!!

    I guess I’m just too demanding but when I was a kid, that’s how I thought all bands did their concerts! WHY did I think that way I don’t know? !!! Just a dumb kid wondering about something that was the coolest thing that I ever heard in my life!!!

    PEACE / OUT!!!

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    The show was AMAZING. 29 songs, two hours and wow…Long As I Can See the Light was the highlight for me! Also looking at other setlists when playing Cosmo’s Factory he played Almost Saturday Night but we got Hey Tonight… a extra CCR song for the DC crowd!

    My only problem however was that the venue LIED to us about the show being available for download. According to this site, it is one of four shows not available however DAR heavily promoted the download before and after the show on the big screen, screens in the lobby and various other places.

    My dad, who has been a huge fan since the 60s, got me into CCR, had to sell his ticket because of a last minute change in plans. He was very upset he didn’t get to attend. I got excited when I learned the show would be available to download and this was going to be a great present for his upcoming birthday or Christmas. Sadly a bunch of low quality YouTube videos is all he can get from this show now. I don’t blame John but the venue or his promoters should not have heavily promoted the fact that it would be available.

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