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    hi swampriver
    Can the fans from overseas purchase these downloads ?

    steve from england


    I love the downloads, but they are expensive. :(


    $12.95 for an MP3 download? I think not. Come on folks, let’s be reasonable here.

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    J Criswell

    John and company play over 20 songs for 2 hours and 20 minutes. I think the HD 48khz 24bit is worth $20+ Great choice John!


    -CD Flac 44.1khz 16 bit
    -HD Flac 48khz 24 bit


    Actually, John played 33 songs (2 1/2 hours) at the Paso Robles concert! i just wish it was all dvd’d tho over just audio – just for the special effects, watch the band members, John, the audience clips, beach balls, etc. But i know that creates a whole different dynamic to film at the concert too, so it’s best that they stick to audio only.


    I think the $12.95 might be justified if there was also some CD art to download, or maybe even a dvd audio version.


    hi swampgirl
    Is there no artwork with the downloads ????

    steve from England.

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    Swamp Girl

    Hey Steve,

    If you download the full show, there is artwork attached for each show. Might not be for individual songs.

    -Swamp Girl

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    Where is the Tulsa/Catoosa show from 10/17? Want. Want. Want.

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    I don’t think there will be one for the Tulsa show due to the sound problems that caused the delay. If it was going to be available it would have been up the day after the show. The Friday show in Texas became available on Saturday afternoon.


    hi swampgirl
    Thanks for the info about the artwork..makes all the difference

    steve from England.

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    Swamp Girl,

    Do you know how long these shows will be available? I will eventually buy
    them all, but would like to do so over time.

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    Tommy Ralph

    Looking forward to the Houston(Woodlands) show on the download list, but I don’t see it yet. Any ideas when?

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    Swamp Girl

    Hey guys,

    Tulsa show just went up! It was a little more complicated due to the sound issues and we weren’t able to catch the entire show, but you can download Sharp Dressed Man in addition to most of the set!


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    Swamp Girl
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