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    I’m livin’ the life out here at the beach, and today when I woke up and opened my plantation shutters,
    I saw the ocean and it was the bluest shade of blue that I ever did see!
    How did I ever get so lucky?
    My bedroom has the most incredible ocean view!!! (I can see Catalina Island too!)

    Anyhow – I had a dream last night about going to a John Fogerty concert. I was in a coastal town back east and John was putting on a HUGE show! There were people lining up for blocks and blocks….we had to bring our own folding chairs to sit down.
    Construction crews were still building the stadium and we took over streets and portions of a small freeway to see John’s show. It was really insane!!!

    So we got there early, all of us forum fans – and we lined up our chairs in an area that we thought was front row. But then some guys came and they built a brown tent around us. Totally obstructing our view of the stage! So we tore ourselves out of that plastic tent and ran up to the front of the venue and we saw a small stadium of people (who were John’s family, neighbors and friends) who were set up to watch the concert from the rear of the stage.
    They had to watch John’s rear the entire time!
    I thought that was pretty strange, but I went with it.

    Then, for some reason, the band came out and were warming up.
    Then a guy came out that sort of looked like Mr. Fogerty. But he wasn’t John!

    This guy wasn’t up to it at all. He was some sort of imposter and the music was pumping, but John was not taking the stage like he normally does.
    The other guy just stood around, not doing much of anything, but he did bear a striking resemblance to John, but nobody was fooled by him. Not a single darned soul!
    We all wanted JOHN!!!

    The audience started chanting, “JOHN, JOHN, JOHN!!!!”

    Somebody told me that I had to go home and get some sheet music. I don’t even own any sheet music, but I went home anyway, because I do what I am told in my dreams.

    So, I’m home and I get tangled up in a bank somehow, and the band is across the street and I can see 100,000 people in the audience – everyone is patiently waiting for John to appear. His songs are playing over the speakers, but for some unknown reason, John does not come out on stage.
    The crowd roars for John to come out…..

    But he doesn’t!!!

    * * * That was the end of my dream * * *

    I know that as nurses, we are forbidden to talk about, much less interpret dreams, but I have to say that I think that THIS DREAM is trying to tell me that I best get myself down to the next closest concert of John Fogerty!!!!

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him perform his magic LIVE, on STAGE and my brain is telling me to GET TO A CONCERT ASAP!!!!

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed reading about my dream last night.

    PEACE and LOVE to all!!!

    X O


    LOL! I’ve had numerous CCR/JF dreams….walking into a store and finding a brand new CCR CD and going nuts, etc. I wake up and tell my wife, and she says to me, “Please don’t tell anyone, they’ll think you’re weird.” Too late, people figured that out long ago.


    Rock on River Boat Queen! I keep having a dream that I have a plane ticket to Nawlins this evening. Then I head to the JazzFest venue, meet up with Darlene and camp out so we are first in line when they open the gates tomorrow morning. Then we run to the front of the stage and wait ALL day long in the HOT sun, dealing with porta-potties and nasty fried food that isn’t good for us. But then John and the band hit the stage and it is all worth every bit of sacrifice. Woohoo! Rock on John! But then I wake up and realize I can’t see Mr. F until June. I hate it when that happens!

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