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    Hoodoo Bob

    First of all, On behalf of my son, Adam, and myself, I wish to thank a girl named Lacey (sp??) for some awesome seats!!!!!! You’re an angel. The show opened with a recording of Almost Saturday Night. It wasn’t from the ’75 album, and it sounded like the Premonition version, but cleaner. Then the lights go down and out comes the legend, the Sultan of Swamp with his gold top Les Paul and goes into the opening lick of Hey Tonight. Pure joy and a delight to see. Green River was the next song, again with the Gold Top. Then a magical twist, as the keyboardist had a very nice accordion intro to Looking Out My Back Door – Red Telecaster (love that guitar). Very nice feel-good-sing-along-song. I really felt a kinship with John, as he was with his son, Shane who appears to be the same age as Adam, who was with me for his first Fogerty show! This kinship was especially felt in the fourth song, Lodi, which was the version he did on Wrote a Song For Everyone-Gold Top LP. Then, everybody into the swamp for Born on the Bayou (GT Les Paul) a foot stomping growling good time. Then, Out came the sunburst PRS guitar for one of my long-time favorite road songs, Ramble Tamble. My son Adam didn’t know this song, but he was blown away by it and the tempo changes. The psychedelic graphics were a nice touch. Johns interaction with Kenny on the drums was amazing, and Kenny was on fire!!!!! The Red Tele came out again for two of my favorites from Blue Moon Swamp: HOT Rod Heart and Southern Stream Line. It took me back to my first time hearing Southern Streamline. I was in training in Evanston, Ill, and there was a Blockbuster Music store. I was not aware that JCF had a new album out. A buddy of mine asked me, “Aren’t you a Fogerty Fan?” and pointed to a display of the BMS CD’s and there was a set of headphones to listen to it. I spent the next two hours listening to that CD, and I still remember the various guitar fills and how G R E A T that CD sounded. 1997…

    Susie Q was next and got everyone on their feet. John used a Purple Ibanez. The black, growling, Les Paul, which I think of as John’s signature guitar (not so much anymore, I think of him as a master of many wonderful axes) made its appearance for the vibrato laden Midnight Special. Tip of the hat to Kenny in this song as well. Mystic Highway on a nice blonde Tele was a joy to see John and Shane mixing it up again. Another great, great song, Long As I Can See The Light, was magic on a White Ibanez. The vocals, mix of the music and lighting were all spot on and did justice to the power of this song. I can remember this song as the last one on Cosmo’s Factory, and how I would listen to it and drift off to sleep afterwards… I’m a 12 year-old again.

    Next John recounted how when he wrote Have You Ever Seen The Rain, it was a sad song. You may know the story. CCR at the very summit, yet so much turmoil as the band was splintering apart. Now, he said he thinks of his 12 year old daughter, Kelsey (funny, I have a 25 year old daughter named Kelsey), and her love of rainbows, and how this song is now a happy song for him, in that it too has a rainbow. He is absolutely right, the two things you need for rainbows are rain and sunshine!

    A great cover song was next, New Orleans, as the crowd was able to join in on the vocals. Very nice and very Sultan of Swamp-worthy!!!! Done, with the Gold Top LP…

    Next was a show stopper. A blue Ernie Ball Axis in John’s hand became alive. He played a solo intro that soared and shredded at the same time. I can’t describe some of the Van Halenesque sounds that he was making, but my son was absolutely and thoroughly impressed with JCF’s prowess on the guitar. All through the trip back home to Dallas, we both kept saying, over and over, HOW DOES HE DO THAT?!?!?! The intro morphed into Keep On Chooglin’. The best drum solo EVER by Kenny and JCF on the harmonica. Then John and Shane, then the other guitarist all line up together. I submit that it gets no better than that! Back comes the Goldie LP for Down on the Corner, with some exciting visuals of street performers in the background. Slugger guitar for the National Pastime Anthem, Centerfield. There is so much metaphor in that song referring to the 10 years that preceded its writing. What a great song! A Cherry Burst Les Paul and that familiar opening lick took us on the rising wind, Up Around the Bend. We did get while the getting was soooo good! The Gold Top LP came out for the final time for the Old Man Down The Road. Shane rocked a solo that made ‘The Old Man’ proud!! Greatness.

    The rest of the night was John and his Black Les Paul. THE Rock and Roll, Anti-War Anthem, Fortunate Son. At the end of this song, John spiked his pick for emphasis. (I was able to talk the video guy into getting it for me… YES… SWEET. It was a white Fender Medium, and it had some of the metal from the guitar strings on it. Did JCF play?? Oh HELL YEAH, he did!). Lights out. MORE!

    Encore was Bad Moon Rising, and of course, PROUD MARY. It began to sink in that this man singing these songs literally feet away from me was a legend, icon, treasure, you name it. Observation, John Fogerty put everything he had into this performance–he ENTERTAINS with emotion. The overriding emotion coming from the stage was joy. He was having a blast and so were all of us! A thrill, a great night, and the greatest concert yet!

    Peace Out,
    Hoodoo Bob



    Great review Hoodoo Bob , thanks !


    Hmmmmm….apparently Hoodoo Bob is in charge of reviewing the Durant OK show. Miss Darlene is AWOL. I wish I had known it was you Hoodoo Bob that was sitting a few seats away from me. I would have made sure I said hello. But anyway thanks for a WONDERFUL review!!! Rock On!!!

    See y’all in Toledo in about a month. Woohoo!

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    Dan Smith

    Great review


    A + + + for that excellent and STELLAR, out of this WORLD REVIEW, Hoodoo BOB!!! WOW OH WOW!!!!
    I am grateful that you spend some serious TIME out of your day to describe all of your high-level observations of John Fogerty in concert!!!
    IT WAS A JOY TO READ!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I love those rambling stories that come up here about John’s shows….)

    HOODOO BOB – – – I didn’t know that you were such a technical fan of John’s music, and I loved reading all the details about John’s many guitars that join forces with him when he’s out on tour.
    It sure brings a new dimensionality to us non-tech fans worldwide to be reading about it.

    Thank you for including the SET LIST!!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!

    BOB – you are really a great friend to bring us your review!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

    Now I’m going to go back and have myself a nice re-read of your review!!! Awesome work, my friend!!!!

    X O

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