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    Hi John & Family & fellow forum members: This new site looks terrific! I especially like the picture of John and his two sons, Tyler and Shane! Keep up the great work, SG.

    From one Father to another, Happy Fathers Day, John!

    All my best

    Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention
    sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents
    the wise choice of many alternatives

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    Looks pretty cool. Hello from “Muley” Brian


    I have been a fan since the late 60’s and saw CCR all three times they played Vancouver. John’s songs have had a major effect in my life. I have worn western style snap shirts since, and don’t own any with buttons. His songs have always made me feel good, with the exception of the ones with politics involved. He is surely a legend in the music world. It would be ideal to listen to him forever.


    Woo-hoo! 53-year old Credence/Fogerty fan just became fan club member! I have loved CCR and Fogerty’s music literally all my life–my very first record ever was a 45 single of “Who’ll Stop the Rain” backed on Side B with “Hey, Tonight.” Dad gave me my first guitar (and rifle) when I was 5, and my first rock record when I was 9. I remember the 60’s vividly, having been a child then. The 70’s I remember less well…possibly due to a certain Mexican influence…but nonetheless, my whole life, I have listened to Credence and Fogerty. Just last Friday I popped “Greatest Hits” in the player–had a guy my age give me a thumbs-up at a red light yesterday…I had “Born on the Bayou” going at about 100 decibels. My very first date with my wife in ’82 was backdropped with “Chronicle” and I knew things were going to be cool when she asked me to turn up the volume on “Suzie Q” AND asked if I had “Chronicle II.” EVERYBODY wanted to hear “Proud Mary” or “Fortunate Son;” not just anyone asks to hear “Suzie Q” or “II” cranked to 11.
    My wife and I always refer to music like “Fortunate Son,” “Run Through the Jungle,” “Time,” “Purple Haze,” and “Sunshine of Your Love” as “Vietnam Music.” We remember the war period very well, and we well remember that the best thing about the 60’s and early 70’s (DEATH TO DISCO!) was the honest-to-God MUSIC.
    Rock on! Be seeing you in Huntsville, John!


    Hey, Swamp Girl–love that, my wife and brothers and I always called Credence “Swamp Music”
    Fan Club pre-sales for Huntsville start tomorrow…is there anything special I need to do to get my tickets on Fan Club day?

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    Swamp Girl

    You bet. Use the password WASFE13. Good luck!

    -Swamp Girl

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    I sure hope John comes to the Western New York area, does anyone know if he is planning to?

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    Swamp Girl

    Hey Michele,

    As of right now your New York choices are Albany and NYC. Better jump on it! Albany isn’t going on sale til later this summer, I believe.

    -Swamp Girl

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    Don´t know if someone is having the same problem. When I go to the Fan Club and then to Members Directory, I only can see the first page. Can´t open the other pages. Can´t open “All Members” either. So I can´t request for friendships just as I would like to do :-(
    Any help?


    Sary – yeah, it’s been the same for me all along. i’ve never been able to open another page tho so you must have gotten into a small window when you could.

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    Swamp Girl

    Hey guys,

    Let me look into this.

    -Swamp Girl

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    hi took me some time to get here but im here. i cant figure out how to put a pic on my profile. i’ll get used of the new site, hopefully sooner than later. lol.

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    any idea when John might make it up to the Pacific Northwset

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    Hi, I’m Anja and I live in Antwerp, Belgium. I love John’s music. His new album is great. I knew CCR but came to know the music of John and CCR better through my then boyfriend Mark (who died sadly almost a year ago). I still miss him (we had still a good bond). Now listening to his music makes me sometimes a little sad, all those memories of Mark. I hope John will come to Belgium in concert again, his concerts are always very good.

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    Ania, I´m sorry for your loss. Mark had the best taste for music. R.I.P. Mark !!
    Ania, maybe we will meet all the other European fans next year somewhere in first row.
    Keep your head up and listen to Johns music.

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