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    I know John often wears the same Fortunate Son flannel shirts that are for sale on his website, but every once in awhile I see him in a style that is not one of the four for sale. Anyone know what brand his non-Fortunate Son flannel shirts are? Thanks!


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    Dan Smith

    I have also had the same thought. I always wondered what type of flannel shirt John wore. When I was young I thought he wore Pendleton I was not sure.



    Fogerty flannel shirt

    If you saw John Fogerty’s Grammy Museum exhibit, there are 3 or 4 of his famous cotton flannels displayed in the tall, glass cases. It’s like we’re treated to a tour of the back of his massive Beverly Hills closet, or something to that effect.

    Whenever I notice what John is wearing, he’s usually dressed in a long sleeved, brushed cotton flannel that’s blue. Or it’s a mixture of blues, whites, browns and those earthy colors.

    I can’t imagine where John shops and buys those shirts, but I’d say he just buys them off the rack someplace. His wardrobe is quite consistent. I remember the nicest outfit he wore was at the Grammy Event, where he played a set for an appreciative audience. That was several years back when his album REVIVAL came out. That was quite a show to see, and we were so lucky to occupy the front row at his show. He wore quite the pristine rockers outfit…layering of black textile fabrics and velvet hues of dark blues. That show was something to behold.

    Anyhow – Fogerty’s signature look is that of the soft blue flannel shirt, in all hues of blue and whites. He must own about 100 of them!

    I loved the inside of his Wrote A SONG album, which features a closet with lots of flannel shirts hanging side by side. I call it a flannel rainbow, and it’s quite a masculine wardrobe.

    I myself never wear flannel shirts, they’re too warm for the So Cal climate.


    Museum Fogerty Flannels

    I think the Grammy Museum Exhibit is disassembled now.
    All that good stuff goes back into storage. * SIGH *

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