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    austria is a different country
    green hills everywhere
    beautiful landslide
    and on the top of a hill in a little village a castle
    John Fogerty played there last night
    rather nice weather the whole time
    but just before the show would begin a big rain shower like in Bospop a few years ago
    totaly soaking wet
    but who stopped the rain
    a great show began
    between 10000 and 15000 people cheared and shouted
    the hills to the castle formed a natural arena
    all at once amiracle surprised me
    a guardian-angel sent me a body-warmer from the crew
    I´m still emotioned about it
    I’ll sherish this as a personal souvenir for the rest of my life
    you see they care a lot!!!

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    Miss Hoodoo

    How awesome they gave you the bodywarmer! was it that cold too, not only rain?
    Did you stand in the front? how about the stories I heard about standing “knee deep in the water” ? how was the let in, where calm or more pushing? I felt a bit bummed yesterday that we didnt go but in the end we really needed a rest.

    John did something to P off the weathergods I think :-D [JOKE]

    Looking forward to tomorrow, Bospop!

    Miss Hoodoo


    KALM Castle

    WOW!!! Hey Arnold!!! WHAT AN AMAZING STORY!!!!
    The BAND has time to love and care after their most devoted fans!!!
    I’m so warmed in the heart about it, too!!!

    Fabulous gesture on the part of Fogerty & his amazing BAND!!! WOW ka-POW!!!

    Keep safe out there, friends!!!

    X O X O XO O

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    Swamp Girl

    We have to keep you dry and healthy so you can keep coming to all the shows! It is always a great feeling to see friendly faces in the audience.
    -Swamp Girl


    Thanks for the the review Arnold. Always nice to read you and to see you.
    Walter from Belgium.


    I shure will keep coming Swamp Girl

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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