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    I do this 6.38 mile hiking/running loop that’s out in the Claremont Wilderness ~ sorta near my home. I have to drive in my car to get there, but it’s a genuine wilderness, with mature oak trees and lots of sage brush. I only hope I don’t run into Mr Mountain Lion when I’m out there alone, but that’s another story for another day. Lots of folks get out there and do the walk; some people wear the most outrageous outfits! Yesterday it was quite HOT, & I saw a young man wearing only his underpants! There are super-fit people who do the thing and RUN the entire distance. I walk up, then run down myself. There are some very large people too and they let it all hang out!!! (It’s all good!!!)

    Anyhow – I bring my iPod with me – tucked inside my fanny pack, along with a bottle of Dasani water and my sweat rag and car keys.

    One of my songs that comes on is “GREEN RIVER”. There is just this amazing FEELING that I get whenever that song comes on, and I’m walking or jogging along that rocky, dirt road out there….
    The backbeat of the song lends itself to my jogging pace and the guitar sounds and John’s vocals make me feel like he wrote the song in the backwoods wilderness. There’s such a peaceful sort of freedom to this perfect little song.
    Y’all have to try it sometime.

    Get your iPod or mobile device with GREEN RIVER loaded on it and when you are remote, play it.
    See what I’m feeling because you will feel it too, but it’s invisible and won’t become apparent until you are OUT THERE communing amongst nature, scrub jays and rattlers that may or may not want to shake their rattle tails at cha!!!

    LOVE Mystic Highway and the entire new album, Wrote a Song, but I always take along those original Creedence tracks with me…where ever I go….so goes CREEDENCE!!! X O X O X O

    Peace out / and RAMBLE TAMBLE!!!!!

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    Thank You Queenie. I know what you´re talking about :-)

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    Dan Smith

    When I was little we had a cabin up HWY 39 in the San Gabriel Mountains. There was this little river that flowed past the cabin. A flood in 1969 washed half of it away so my Dad sold the little place. Over the years I would drive up there and sit by this little river and play Green River and other songs. Every time I go camping and there is river GR is the first song that plays in my head. If you get lost come on home to Green River Well!



    I live near the Guyandotte River in West Virginia. In fact, I travel right along side it as I go from my home to Man (the next town in which I practically live). Now, If I’ve seen a green river, it’s this one.

    When I was around 10 or 11, my brother had Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and when I would play it, I would literally just drive on the freeway all the way from San Fierro, through the desert, and down to Los Santos and listen to KDST (the classic rock station). If you’ve played San Andreas and listened to that station, you know Green River is on the playlist.

    I would sing along with that song to the top of my lungs whenever it came on, thinking of a little place that I knew by the Guyandotte. One night I was at my Grandpa’s house who was a Creedence fan back when he was graduating high school in ’69 and owned Green River on LP. I went on youtube and looked up Green River and thus discovered for my self Creedence Clearwater Revival. I spent the rest of that night listening to all the hits: Bad Moon Rising, Born on the Bayou, Commotion, Have You Ever Seen The Rain, I Put a Spell on You, Heard It Through the Grapevine, Green River, Lodi, Suzie Q, The Midniht Special, Fortunate Son, etc.

    These days, there literally is no Creedence or Fogerty song I’ve not heard, and I have all the complete albums on my phone. I have Bayou Country, Revival, and Wrote A Song For Everyone on disc, and Green River on LP (not my grandpa’s). If there’s anyone who hasn’t hear this song, LISTEN TO IT!!


    Funny, I enjoy jogging the Claremont Wilderness in my underwear.

    Some chick in a running outfit, listening to GREEN RIVER while sipping a Dasani water and glistening with sweat, always passes me.



    HAHA!!! Johnny – you make me shriek with laughter!!!! X O

    I had NO IDEA that was you, in your tight-fitting, black Jockey briefs! WOW!
    That takes real chutzpah to be out there – shirtless and running free! HEY – you’re lookin’ GOOD!!!!

    To be honest, most of the people out on the wilderness trail blow my doors in. I’m not the fastest
    walker out there, but then again, I’m not the slowest either.

    Thanks for all the stories, friends!!! LOVE GREEN RIVER!!!! X O X O X O



    happy 4th

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