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    So great to hear that John Fogerty has triumphed in his life over forces that would try to keep him from happiness & music. I held many CCR albums in my hand as a child back in the 60’s. Imagine my thrill when my oldest son-age 14 informed me his favorite song is ‘I Heard It Through The Grapevine – the CCR version’. We look forward to attending one of John’s shows in 2014 that might come close to the Cincinnati area.


    * I just LOVE Grapevine as well. It starts from the ch-ch-ch beginning…that song has a certain Creedence-ness to it, even though John Fogerty did not write it, he put such a bass beat into it, and of course extended it into a jam fest like none other!

    I know I’m going to have a great day whenever I hear it playing on the radio. These days you don’t hear the shortened 45 version – DJs today play the 11 minute extended full version of Grapevine, which is awesomely COOL!!!

    Think I’ll play Grapevine over and over today!!!! GREAT SONG!!!! Fogerty put a funk into that song that tops the other artists who also made it into the top 10 hits.
    Creedence did it BEST!!!

    God bless. X O

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    Mark David

    Ya ya ya….DaRiverBoatQueen…..ohhhhhhhh the fondness, the swampiness, the dipped saturated
    phat lickin spooky bluzzzzzzzzzzzzziness of it all. the 11:02 version. I recall serving in the
    army over in Europe and driving home from the base…and thaaaaaaat particular cassette was the
    only one in the glovebox. I’d slip-click-tick…and then it would start….Many many times…I
    drove past my place to racetrack the block because the acoustics in the car were actually better
    than at my place….and brother….I was transported….to a murky moor like place where music
    is your therapist, your friend and wow….that version is the only one I EVER want to hear. So
    it was of ZERO surprise….when John re entered the rock and roll arena with ‘Centrefield” that
    i knew EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-ACTLY who that was. And he was a brother and a friend that I dearly
    missed hearing and I’m so so glad he is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK ! Doing the rock and roll public
    a necessary service. A voice that sooths and appeals, a guitar that rocks and reeels us in…and
    then ….and then….he lays the lyric down. And….I can relate. And my life is a little more
    sensible, a little more ordered and that gold little bit of tasty brain candy…stays in my ears
    for days. Great great appreciation is all I can say. Love that man.

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