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    Having you ever seen the Rain/ Change in the weather in Milano on a sunny day.

    After flying from Spain to the Netherlands we drove Sunday/Monday from the Netherlands=> Germany=> Switzerland to Italy (Milano)
    We arrived on time in Milano. The temperature was nice but we had a bad premonition about the weather forecast.

    When we left our hotel around 4.30 PM to walked to the Ippodrome (the venue) we felt the first raindrops. When we arrived at the Ippodrome it was raining, first signs of thunderstorm but just before the doors opened to run to the stage the rain stopped and the sun came up.
    This time we (my mother Jeanne and me) made it to the first row.
    When the show started it was dry but the place full of mosquitoes. Never seen so much of those …..
    I think they also liked Johns music but also me (I got bites over 10+)

    The weather at the start of the show was nice. Good temperature, dry, passionate fans and most important the best music in the world coming up.
    John started with Hey tonight this time. This show John and band played also Grapevine and Rock & Roll Girls. Grapevine is such a nice song with John guitar solos, Bob playing the keyboard and James solo on the bass coming all together in this song. And of course Kenny is awesome. I don’t know how he do it but it seems that he (if possible) gets better and better.

    Mystic Highway is also a great song. During the part that Shane takes over the solo part I think one or even maybe two strings broke but it did not matter to Shane. I think the most people did not hear or noticed it. Shane is growing and growing. Nice to see that. (Tyler made at the start of the show some pictures and came back to make more photos during Mystic Highway).
    After cotton fields the audience keeps singing the lyrics and John came back and played again with the audience a extended version. That was really nice

    During the concert we had some special moments with John when he saw us. John thank youuuuuuuuu for that special moments. This means a lot for us.

    And believe it or not. During Have you ever seen the Rain the first raindrops come.And than we got a real change in the weather and it rained a little later cat and dogs to the end of the show.

    Also nice to mention is Old Man Down the Road. It also one of my favorite songs and I think also one of the favorites of ( I think) the girlfriend of Shane. She was dancing and really rocking and rolling at the side of the stage. It was nice to see that she had so much fun.
    Because of the rain John played directly the encore songs ended of course with Proud Mary.

    ps Upcoming Munchen Tollwood review

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    Thanks Robert for you’re nice report

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