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    Every so often, the official JOHN FOGERTY FORUM shuts down, disappears — wanders away into the weeds – without a warning.
    All of us die-hards are left befuddled, confused — bumping into walls as we wonder if the man will ever come back to us.
    So far – so good! Thank goodness!!!

    I think John and his lovely wife Julie like to freshen things up abit – art is such a strong & driving force in their lives. I anticipate a total make-over of this site to occur quite soon.

    For those of us who’ve been faithfully hangin’ out with John for the past 17 years – as far as the Internet is concerned, we’ve seen this thing happen half a dozen times.
    I say, HANG IN THERE, FRIENDS!!! Keep da faith!!! John isn’t going away just yet.

    Us old cotton fans of John’s music have been paying attention since 1969.
    How many years isn’t important….it’s just such a miracle that John Fogerty is still out there, giving us hope -and beautiful rock music!!!

    Hang in there, Friends!!!
    If history wants to serve me – (and history does that all day long,) I see changes are a-comin’!
    They may change the wallpaper around here soon, and I must say the Fogerty Camp has some really great taste in art, color selection and print fonts.

    Can’t wait to see the new Fogerty Forum!!!
    But I love this one as it is!!!

    X O X O X O

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