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    A small little road through a lot of green surroundings , woods , in the middle of farm-houses
    is this a revival of Woodstock ?
    a big festival with a lot of young people and A LOT OF BEER-DRINKING !!!
    John as always made the remark of Woodstock and the naked people and turned round and back to see if
    people would go naked , of course not because it was freezing cold when the sun set , but he said
    that in Belgium they got naked which did Robert , Petra and me burst in laughter !!!
    John even had a gas-heather on stage next to his mike because his hands were freezing
    and Kenny still plays in his naked arms and small shirt , but he warms up enough !!
    again a special place and show for us
    a good beginning of the European Tour
    more to follow ……….

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    Miss Hoodoo

    yes yes yes a great special festival and the concert was great! John looked very happy up there. He was not the only one who was freezing, it was so cold my nose was dripping and my fingers almost froze off!! Loved the stuff that was shown on the screen. Loved to be in a good spot at the front again, but the stage was so high that we couldnt see Kenny or James. Thanks to John and Robert I got a laugh attack just before down at the corner. John, if you happened to see it; I was just laughing my brains out, that was all… man I was folded over that fence the whole song. Never laughed so hard during a concert.
    Like in Hamburg, loved to see the interaction with John and Shane. John is so proud and Shane is a great guitarist! Also loved that John took that young kids cd :-)

    well we just arrived home after a slightly annoying drive from Denmark thanks to over crowded German highway, but we made it ok and I’m ready for the next trip.


    Miss Hoodoo


    John sounded great, the band too of course. But I’d love to hear a little bit slower version of “Up around the bend” and “Ramble Tamble” They were a bit too fast for my ears. All in all a great concert !

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    what a night. John played fantastic,Mystic highway sounded so great. One magazine gave 6 stars for Fogerty show, He played like the devil was after him.

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