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    At the start of the summer as John’s tour schedule was announced 2 shows stood out for me as being the most special. The New Orleans Jazz Fest and his return after 45 years to play the site of the original Woodstock. I was 12 at the time and there was no way I was going but this was a chance to experience it a life time later. As they say in sports there are certain games you just get up for the same went for these 2 special concerts. New Orleans was incredible and this was everything you could ask for and more. Johns talk before ” Who’ll Stop the Rain” went on for a good few minutes as he talked about his memories of that time and day. Getting on stage finally well into the night after the Grateful Dead and a 75 minutes guitar solo by Jerry Garcia to find almost everyone asleep. Then seeing one guy a quarter mile away up the hill with a lighter burning and yelling “John we’re with you”. It was great to hear John recollect some of these stories and in light of where we were he politely left out his usual “you people are a lot smarter and better looking” part of the introduction. You could see he was on such a high tonight. Not that he ever just goes through the motions but this hit exceptional all evening. The slide and video that acts as the stage background for much of the show really adds to the experience. Kenny during Keep on Chooglin did his usual beyond amazing drum solo as the rest of the band looked on in astonishment. Bob Malone is one heck of spark plug up there and with Shane doing some great solo work as well as side by side with John I’m still just shaking my head. Security was GREAT and i made a point of thanking the guy in front of us. As we sat down into our front row seats I tried to figure this security guy out. The first thing that came to mind is he could be the second coming of Sergeant Schultz from Hogans Heroes. I jokingly said he needed to turn his chair around or he would miss the greatest show. He was into the humor but insisted he would lose his job if he dared to look at the stage . ” I see nothing ” We talked a bit before the show started and I became aware he was going to be the guy you want. We were up for almost the entire show with the people behind encouraging us to stay up as it was their excuse to do so as well. I guess the first few rows anyway in the center were right into the show. as the rows went back they were elevated so I’m sure nobody had a problem seeing. Standing singing along dancing. Ok I admit I’m tone deaf and have no rhythm but who’s watching except everyone behind me and if they’re watching me and not the stage I feel oh so bad. You can some of my favorite photos from these couple days below. Hope you enjoy !

    Link to photos of Woodstock site and the show:



    Great story and wonderful pictures Brian,
    thanks for sharing with us.

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    Thanks Brian for the GREAT pictures, so we also experienced that we were there !!!



    Hey BRIAN!!! What a great story!!! Thank you for your review!!! I loved hearing about John and his amazing BAND, and everything that went on for those shows! But also the Sergeant Schultz story painted a visual for me that made me giggle!!
    Hogan’s Heroes was a funny show way back when…..

    The reviews that are coming back from this 2014 Tour are all in agreement: Fogerty’s shows continue to be the BEST EVER!!!
    (But nobody can tell us how John Fogerty manages to do it!) HA!

    Going to a Fogerty concert is like seeing the Fountain of Youth materialize before your very eyes; John goes back to those early years in the late 60’s….with all those great CCR/Fogerty tunes comin at cha like a roaring train.
    RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES ON STAGE, John becomes 23 again, and all of us are magically transported back to an earlier time when we first heard and fell in love with his amazing music.
    (Do I become 9 years old again? I don’t know, but I feel like it in my bones!!!) I have to get up and dance, just like how I did when I was a young, carefree person like that in my youth!!!)

    Who can write such epic songs like, Born on the Bayou, Centerfield, Old Man Down the Road, Keep on Chooglin’, RAMBLE TAMBLE, Pagan Baby, Run Through the Jungle, Travelin Band, Green River, Mystic Highway, Premonition, Feelin’ BLUE, and Proud Mary and on and on?
    WHO writes these incredible songs of our times???
    ** JOHN FOGERTY did it and I think he did it to life us UP!!! **
    Thanks, John!!! Thank you, thank you!!!


    If you’re in the town that John’s touring at, you better get down to the show.
    Oh man….
    Get down, peeps!!!

    ENJOY THE ResT OF the TOUR!!!!


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