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    I had the privilege of attending John’s show in Alpharetta, Georgia last month. Third row, center section, right behind the pit. Got the tickets through the fan club presale, at a whopping cost of $85.33 per ticket – all taxes and fees included. Considering the talent and pedigree of this man, a bargain indeed. I’ve seen many a concert, and this one was one of the best. John looks like he has fun entertaining us, and it was certainly fun to watch. Icing on the cake? High quality lossless downloads of the concert that you just attended. Who else does that?

    Which brings me to my point. I am also a fan of the Eagles, who are coming to Atlanta in February. I considered going to see them, so I checked out the pre-sale this week. I was stunned to see that tickets in all three front sections cost from $450 to $650 each, before fees. Don’t get me wrong, they are a top shelf iconic act, but are the seats worth nearly $600 more than a ticket for John’s show? He is every bit as iconic as the Eagles, if not more so. Were the Eagles at Woodstock? Since their tickets are so ridiculously out of reach for the average fan, it is apparent that they could care less about anyone but the wealthy.

    I saw the Eagles in concert a few years ago, and while they were technically excellent, they lacked personality and showmanship. If you closed your eyes, you would think that you were listening to the record. When you open your eyes, you see a group of old dudes standing on stage going through the motions. No banter, no emotion, just studio musicians playing perfectly executed covers of the records. All well and good and an enjoyable evening, but certainly not worth $650.

    Thank God for performers like John, who care about their fans and make their performances accessible to them all – not just the wealthy.

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    I agree with you totally. Saw Eagles 2 years ago and was disappointed. Have seen them when Bernie was with them and the first time Joe Walsh played. They charge way too much.

    John’s show was very well priced. I too got tickets 12 rows from stage in presale here. $95 He is definitely a better guitarist then I expected. He didn’t show his age with voice or guitar skills.

    I can not afford the prices Eagles Stones and others going over $100.

    I recently caught Atoms for Peace and the tickets were under $70 for Pit. Remember most fans are blue collar falling farther down the ladder every day.

    Sorry for the rant.

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    Thanks Ed and U2, you write some very valid and earthy comments. I appreciate your words more than I can say. But what singer or band is worth $300.00 or more to go and see for one evening?
    I am not a wealthy woman, but even if I were – I would not pay that.
    $650.00/ticket is simply for the wealthy folks –

    I have seen John 25 or 26 times, and each time I don’t think I spent much more than $100.00 each time. Many times I spent much less / sometimes I was treated for free, which was really so miraculous and amazing!!! You may have grown up loving his Creedence music, as did I. Aren’t we lucky beyond measure?
    Awww, yes – lucky and blessed –

    The world was a sinkin’ mess hole of ruin when Creedence roared up to the rescue – they saved the entire planet, without even tryin’ or noticin’ much that we were circlin’ the drain to ruin! But they came along JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME to save us from that crazy era.
    The radio was the only salve for those tryin’ times.

    John is worth every penny of a $650.00 ticket if you’re askin’ me, but I thank God that he remains the humble man he always was – (who never grew up in the swamp) – HE knows how hard it is for workin class folks to fork over a hundie bill for a show.
    He remembers how rough times can be … he came from nothing and nowhere and was a nobody until he himself heard the name Creedence.
    It changed up his whole life, and for the good. I thank goodness that he’s the man he is – a very naturally talented man who is humble ,and took some mighty lumps in his times.
    If he never lost so much, who’s to say what sort of man he would have become instead? I often wonder about that….

    Too bad for the Eagles to be that way – you won’t catch me in that crowd.
    They’re a very excellent band and I love their music, but the monetary requirements exceed what I am willing to fork over, and for the Eagles, I might spring for a 50, but that’s my price point for this band. They should humble down – get back to the earth a little tighter….I wish them well.

    God bless…. X O

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