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    hi swampgirl
    Can you give us fans an update as to the latest as to where john fogerty is at on the writing of his memoirs.Thanks.

    steve from England.

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    Although the original press release called for a 2014 release, I don’t see that happening. John’s got tour dates the rest of the year, and last we heard, he hasn’t even found a professional co-writer for the memoirs. (although I personally think David Wild would be the ideal cowriter for John, given his experience and their close relationship)

    I actually wouldn’t mind him pushing the memoirs back a year or two. It would give him more time to tour, add more substance to the book. And with the possibility of a CCR reunion becoming more likely, I’d like to think he’d hold off on the book for that very important chapter. :)


    hi dave
    Good post my friend.

    steve from England.

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    Swamp Girl

    Hey guys,

    Tentative released date for the memoir is late 2014.

    -Swamp Girl


    If there is something that John Fogerty is; he’s a workin’ man!
    You know once he commits his mind to a project – he starts it, and he has to see it through to the end. All the way to the sweet, sweet end!!! X O X O

    I am so happy that John decided to do the autobio.
    I only hope that he brings us back to his childhood, when he first heard Stephen Foster and the wonderful music that he wrote.
    Then he can launch into the band coming together and their first 10 years together – then the years of stratospheric success that landed them in the highest order of rock bands worldwide.

    He can talk about the troubles too and how he managed to make it – day by day.
    He can share his coping mechanisms with us, his bald anger and frustrations that made his life seem completely shattered and hopeless.
    There was a (Brief) time when it seemed everyone abandoned John Fogerty. HOW DID HE HOLD IT TOGETHER?
    Most of us would fall apart….

    I hope that John also remembers that he is the professor to allot of other musicians who have looked up to him for pure inspiration and song genesis throughout the years.
    I hope he spends an entire chapter or two on HOW DOES HE WRITE THOSE INCREDIBLE SONGS??
    If he would focus on his own song genesis, that would place this book in the upper shelf (but still accessible to the most eager) for those who wish to understand and implement his song writing strategies, song writing inspirations, what motivates him to grind it out in the studio to finish the song to be released to the world and so on.
    The song writing process of John Fogerty are words that may be read in black & white, but are GOLDEN, solid GOLDEN to those of us who cherished his songs.

    What would also be of utmost interest to all the fans is why John has stuck it out all these years.
    He had it rough, this is true, but he survived in King’s fashion.
    We are indeed the LUCKY of the LUCKIEST that John is still touring and putting on his fantastic concerts!

    I also hope that John includes some of his own artwork in the book -besides his wonderful music. Like does he paint or sketch from time to time?
    Most musicians feel that need to create on canvas, or metalworks or glass – I hope John has a big measure of printed artwork in his book. I would be interested to know who his favorite artists are, for example: does John find inspiration in the masters such as Van Gogh, Monet, DaVinci?

    Also his musical influences would be appreciated to be written down in word.
    I would love to see all of his songs in sheet music included in the book. It’s important, people!!!!

    Future generations will read about John Fogerty, they will search for this book – and no detail is too small, too medium or too large to help us to know & understand the master.

    I am looking forward to reading this fine book when it is released!!!! GOD BLESS!!!


    hi queenie
    I do “love” reading your wonderful posts, just brill.!!!!

    steve from England.


    Like me, Queenie’s a true die-hard full-fledged CCR/JCF fan since they came onto the scene in the late 60’s and we tend to show it loud and proud just a little bit now and then! PROUD MARY KEEP ON BURNIN’!! XOX

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    You know once he commits his mind to a project – he starts it, and he has to see it through to the end. All the way to the sweet, sweet end!!! X O X O

    Uh-oh, I guess you’ve never heard of the “Hoodoo” project… Or Blue Ridge Rangers follow-up from ’74… Or the Comin’ Down the Road documentary… :)

    Just joking, I’ll be crossing my fingers for 2014!


    Now Dear Giants Dave.
    Is Hoodoo a complete album or is there a song in there that was left unfinished?
    (You know it was a complete album, and alot of us fans LOVE IT TO PIECES!)

    Blue Ridge Rangers DO INDEED have a BRR part II. Not from 1974, but much more recently. So go ahead and add a couple more scoops of sugar into my iced tea!

    Lastly, The Comin Down the Road Doc is John’s memoirs, which is what this topic is discussing. It is said to be released sometime in 2014. John’ll finish it, Giants Dave!!!

    *** KEEP DA FAITH!!! ***


    Actually there was a BRR project in 1974. Fogerty had recorded both “Comin’ Down the Road” and “Back in the Hills” as part of the continuing BRR project, but as we all know, that’s when the legal stuff hit the fan. There was an interview with Ralph Gleason, or another Bay Area writer, shortly after the CCR breakup where JF talked about the BRR.

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