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    How about a movie about John’s career?
    What actor do you think could do a good job at portraying John Fogerty
    My vote is for Dennis Quaid

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    Vinyl Mike

    Movie? I have to disagree. I would like to see an indepth documentary showing up to date interviews with John, Stu and Doug and what ever they currently have showing Tom. It would be nice to see them talking about what CCR was and what it represented, not all the interviews with everyone bitching about court cases and who owes who what, I think we’ve seen all that. Something new and current would be nice

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    Tim Severin

    A while back, I was trying to write a screenplay based on his life. However, I am not much of a writer.
    I would call it “Joy of my Life” and taken it up to the Blue Moon Swamp era.
    And I envisioned Kevin Costner in the main role. And who should we get to play the lovely Julie?


    Skip the movie. I’d much rather hear some new music.


    It’s a curiosity that a major artist that is internationally beloved such as John Fogerty has not had a movie made about his life.
    Everyone in the nation knows who John is….his music is included in the timeline of everyone I know and legions of other fans that I don’t know.

    A movie would be excellent and timeworthy.

    John should portray himself and Julie as well. If it were made into a documentary, the better the story would be told.
    I think John’s genuine talent should be the main focus of the movie.

    If anyone saw the movie, “It might get loud” I think this would be a proper format for John’s musical journey. Alot of how John wants to be treated as a person and as a professional performer should be discussed.
    The organic process of how John approaches his legendary songwriting is a MUST.

    MORE must be done in preserving what we know about John’s song-genesis. He is an authentic American songwriter and his methods should be studied and preserved, as much as possible.

    For such an important artist such as John, a movie about his career is long overdue.

    Peace and LOVE to all. X O

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    Mike G

    I would love a full length Documentary/biopic on John’s life. Several bands have gotten the treatement, The Beatles with Anthology and The Compleat Beatles, The Who with several well made doucmentaries such as The Kids Are Alright, 30 Years of Maximum R&B, and Amazing Journey, Rush’s Beyond the Lighted Stage and lastly the two epic Stones documentaries 25 x 5 and Crossfire Hurricane.

    John’s amazing career should be documented with all the TLC and effort of the documentaires listed above. I’ve loved JCF and CCR since I was 8 years old (I’m 54 now!) and his music meant so much to me that I would just want him to know how much his fans love and appreciate him.


    I’m not sure a movie about JF and CCR would be a hit. Groups like the Beatles, the Who and Rush have had longer, and far more consistent careers than JF has had. Also, the Beatles and the Who were groups that had some personal dynamics that made for interesting story telling. I can’t think of a wilder character in rock and roll than Keith Moon (maybe Keith Richards???) The two long layoffs between the Shep LP and Centerfield and EOTZ and BMS kept him out of the music biz for far too long. Now, I would love to see a documentary where JF walks us through how he creates, writes and produces his muisc. That would be a fascinating insight into a legendary songwriter, and far more informative than a bio pic.


    By the way, VH1 did a documentary on JF/CCR about 15 years ago.


    Rock Man,
    YOU hit an important point above! VH1 did a good job of doing the shortest documentary on Creedence. All the surviving guys were included, but of course – they were NOT in the same room at the same time!
    I GET IT!

    They need alot of SPACE between them these days. I GET IT!

    But to hear them all speak was quite the extreme revelation. John Fogerty spoke with such righteous but quiet anger. It was compelling to hear what John had to say BEFORE he hit the touring and recording circuit a second time. That was a study in his true emotions regarding the split-up of the most important rock band to arise from American soil.

    To also hear Doug Clifford and Stu Cook was equally important. These guys gave Creedence the powerful engine that it needed to succeed in those turbulent times. Of course John Fogerty wrote the tunes that saved this world from going down the toilet – – – boy! The world was circling the drain in a vortex of negativity when suddenly and out of nowhere…
    here came Creedence!!!

    They gave the world HOPE, including this nine-year old kid who feared growing up.
    I’ll never forget it.

    It came out of Fogerty’s mouth, “I don’t care” and other tunes that made me rise up and shake my fist in the faces of those who opposed my young womanhood and my civil rights as well.

    I would LOVE to watch that VH1 documentary again.
    Alot has changed since it was taped, but the basic emotions were raw at the time and the boys of Creedence had no real idea on how IMPORTANT their great music was to the world, and how meaningful their songs translated to those who were oppressed in the late 1960’s.

    PEACE / OUT! But keep the conversation going, Creedence fans worldwide!!!!

    WE LOVE, LOVE, * L * O * V * E * CREEDENCE!!!!!


    Great post Mary.
    I saw a movie last night called STOLEN with Josh Lucas
    and they played CCR at the beginning and mentioned the
    band again further on in the movie.
    It is always a nice surprise to hear John’s voice.


    Hey, cool Rockin Grannie.
    Your new name makes me think that your new avatar is

    I know how much you and Herman LOVE that funky, cold MADONNA INN!!!

    OOOH, LA – LA!!!

    WELCOME BACK TO THE FORUM, my dear friend! X O

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