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    Miss Hoodoo

    Just came “home” from Hamburg and it was a great concert! the weather was sunny, the company was great, the new band is cool, we were missing a few persons but a lot of friends were there. Only thing what went wrong was major screw up while getting in, our gate didnt open, well it had to happen sooner or later but we ended up in the front anyway, but far to the right. But fun anyway!
    Loved the new intro of Looking out my back door!! big surprise was Endless Sleep, superb, and ofcourse supercool “new” New Orleans.
    Tried to meet the band afterwards at backstage door but didnt happen (no use trying to meet John) but were able to wave to Bob :-D
    great day with great people and great music in the end!
    Now my headache is killing me, should go to bed but having small afterparty with friends :-) and to Danmark tomorriw! looking forward to more friends and fun and good music and sun.

    Miss Hoodoo

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    I was there too. Nice Show, great Songs but the Sound was way too quiet. Never “heard” a low sounding Open Air like this. For me definitely a reason to stay away from this all in all beautiful Location in the Future. I wonder if the Audience in the back had any chance to hear the Songs??
    Sometimes Kennys Drumsound from Stage was louder than that, what came out of the PA….


    Miss Hoodoo! Thank you for opening the posts about John’s concert!!! YAY!!! It sounds like you’re having fun, and what is the “New, New Orleans?” that you talked about? I am just mystified….

    Please come back and tell us about ALL THe SHOWS that you will see!!! Front row, sunshine, soft summer dresses, and all that good planning….ha ha ha! Somethings never change, but do they really have to?
    No….keep your high standards, Miss Hoodoo!!!!
    We offer up a toast to you, and all your big-hearted Creedence friends!!!

    Thank you too, Galaxxy…..we love to read all postings about John’s shows!!!


    X O


    Our favourite little corner in the Parc of Hamburg
    This is a beautiful green little arena in open air
    nice weather and sun
    a great band and great music
    John is still so popular in Germany
    a first great evening
    and a lot of us

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    Miss Hoodoo

    funny that you were talking about low volume, I left the place with a huge headache! Sound in jelling was way better at the front! (yeah yeah, the ever lasting risk of the sound at the front) :-)

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    Miss Hoodoo

    Queenie, Robert found out “New Orleans” is a song written by Big Boy Myles, and was first a hit for Gary U.S. Bonds, and you may have seen it in the second Blues Brothers movie. Joan Jett had a hit with it too and its awesome.


    Hi Miss HOODOO,
    Thank you – I have never heard of the song, but now I know about it. HAVE FUN!!! X O


    No complains about the sound, sounded good to me.
    I prefer this over sounding “too loud” !

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    Miss Hoodoo

    Hiiii Queenie google it, its amazing!

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