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    hi swampgirl
    Any chance of an update on this subject please ?

    steve from England.


    Will John Fogerty’s autobiography be hard hitting or sugarcoated to avoid any potential litigation?

    Will it finally provide answers to countless questions or only create more?

    Personally, I want to hear all of the nitty gritty.

    In the unauthorised and one-sided CCR book “Bad Moon Rising,” if you swallow Cook and Clifford’s side of the story (and in nearly every other interview), not one thing that ever went down with Creedence, during and afterward to the present day was ever their fault! Absolutely nothing!

    And the Brooklyn Bridge is up for sale again!

    Fogerty refused to contribute to that book, citing he was going to write his own.

    So, that time has come. Will we get the complete lowdown from the former Creedence frontman and set the record straight?

    Things I want to hear about are like what Foge’s has mentioned quite a few times including a 2009 radio interview for the release of his “BRRRA” album.

    He said he had huge doubts that the band’s bass player ever showed his lawyer father the bad Fantasy contract they all signed, which severely affected John Fogerty the most.

    Fogerty described how around two weeks after Cook had supposedly given the contract to his father to look over, they were boarding a van to go to a gig and JF asked the bassist what his father had thought.

    JF stated that Cook ummed and arred for a while … and then said unconvincingly, “……………. dad said it was fine (to sign it).”

    And will the dark periods and the passage of time possibly dim Fogerty’s recollection – especially on somewhat smaller subjects though still most interesting to fans – which will merely heighten speculation of the actual events surrounding the big issues?

    Essentially, if there is debate over the one percenters, what do we believe concerning the major matters that brought CCR to its knees, and has continued over the next 42 years?

    For instance, in the June 2013 edition of the UK magazine Uncut, when asked whether he played on any of his brother Tom’s solo career songs, JF replied, “There’s a rumor about one of his albums that I’m on it, but I’m not. I’m not on any of Tom’s recordings.”

    Yet, in another finished and to be released book about CCR, the author relates Fogerty’s performance on his brother’s 1974 “Zephyr National” album of how and where he was involved, and the specific guitar parts he added.

    The “ZN” back cover credits John Fogerty as contributing guitar, but there is only overall and not individual song acknowledgement to the musicians and backing singers etc. who participated.

    Leading to more conjecture.

    So who is right?


    Good post, Michael! Myself, I want to hear all of the nitty gritty, too! Stu Cook and Doug Clifford have said lots since the break-up of Creedence. Not once have they taken any responsibility for it. They did no wrong. It would be very interesting to hear John’s perspective of this. I mean his real perspective of the why’s and how’s of the un-doing of the ultimate band, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

    Go for it John. Fans have been waiting most of our lives for the real story.

    When life becomes a roller coaster,
    climb into the front seat,
    throw your arms in the air,
    and enjoy the ride!

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    Swamp Girl

    Hey guys,

    John is currently writing his book. He has waited a lifetime to write his personal story.

    -Swamp Girl


    Please John, write down as many personal stories as you can.
    Your memoirs should be a long story!!! The paper quality should be heavy, expensive and full of color photos and artwork.

    For instance, when you were at the height of your Creedence fame, what music were you listening to when you had the radio turned on?
    We already know who you musical inspirations were, but tell us again who inspired you and WHY – and what songs did you LOVE in the late 60’s that were in the top 20 Billboard countdown?

    What sort of things did you do in the CCR era as personal hobbies?

    Do you have some nice pictures of yourself from that time that are not widely released?

    Have a chapter on how you do your songwriting. Spell it out as if it were some sort of cookbook. Give us steps on how you compose your amazing music!!! This is the section everyone in the world will drool over, especially other musicians who wish to reach such a pure core of music writing.
    Tell us EVERYTHING about song genesis.
    Is there a time of day that helps you compose music?
    Do you have a muse?

    Do you paint, sketch or draw? If you could include such art pieces, your book would SOAR!!!!

    What are your favorite recipes? Include some cookbooking in the kitchen, please!!!

    Who helps you maintain your level-headedness and high standards? Do you look up to a higher authority?

    How can you help the newbies with issues of law and maintaining musical rights? What advice would you give to those seeking legal representation in (music) contractual disputes?

    Share your spirituality with us….make this book beautiful with places that you love to visit, and tell us why you love to travel extensively. What do you do when you’re on tour around the world?

    What pieces of art do you especially love? For instance, do you like Vincent Van Gogh and his body of work, or are you more of a Peter Max enthusiast? John Mellencamp has done some acrylic artwork; do you like his art?

    Please make this a coffee-table book of stature and weight that would inspire all people of the world, whether they are a fan of yours or not. Make this into a substantial publication that would exceed the standards that we see in our bookstores now.

    Just like your music changed the world and touched the lives of millions, your book of memoirs should set the bar very high too.

    It’s not going to be easy to put it all together, but if you hire the right professionals to get it right, and obtain the proper permissions to publish art from other masters, the book will be an expensive publication that everyone will want to own.

    I’m very excited about it!!!

    Best of luck!!!! X O

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