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    Miss Hoodoo

    thanks to a huge, huge and scary storm teh concert was cancelled halfway, and it was the RIGHT DESCISION. It was getting very ugly. We wanna say we love John and his band and his crew and we feel sorry for them that there was “only” a half concert after all that work there is to get it ready. We love every one of you and thank you so much for everything!!!
    we’re ok, just have wet feet… seeking shelter for the storm in Arnolds hotel on the square….
    concertpart that we did see was FABULOUS <3 and that is what counts!
    tehre is only one problem now… we have to swim back to our hotel :-D some one wants to pick us up in a boat? we’re at the grand Dulchi or something :-D
    making friends with other hotel guests rght now from Switserland.
    ah well you know I feel bad for the guys but I’m still happy… I have a wonderfull life… and I’m glad the whole thing didnt come down or something. Robert and I had to ask ourselfs “what do we do if the crowd starts panicking” and “what if we see the stage comiing dwon” and that didnt happen, no one get hurt, lots of people got wet socks, so lets focus on that………
    Lots and lots of love from the hotelbar on the square :-D :-D :-D <3 <3 <3
    I think we re getting kicked outnow and head to the icecream bar because WOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! <3 <3


    what seemed to be the most beautiful setting for a show ended in a storm
    what probably seemed a beautiful stage with no sides and back which gave us a special effect
    of seeing the Italian-style buildings surrounding it with special light-effects could be one of the
    reasons of it being too weak for a storm
    lightning everywhere , rain ,everything waving , announcements of being careful …WOODSTOCK ALL OVER AGAIN !!
    sure it was the only right thing for EVERYBODYS safety to stop the show , how hard that was for everybody
    cross our fingers that Austria is better

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    Swamp Girl

    Thank you so much for understanding. The call was made completely out of safety for John, the band, crew, and everyone in the audience.


    So sorry to hear this expecially of course for John, the band, crew and fans and the organisation of such a beautyfull event.
    I assume it was hard to take this decision.
    I was not in Trieste but when i read this i think it was a good decision.
    Image that somebody was struck by lighning or was hurt


    hi all
    Sad about the concert being cut short…but safety is so important….must have been a difficult decision ….but the right one.

    steve from England.

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    Miss Hoodoo

    actually I’m very happy I was there. Trieste is a very beautifull town, the concert settings were unique, the pre-show adrenaline and ending up standing center front row (with row 10 tickets to sit) the great hour of music we got, the fun afternoon hanging around on the square ;-D no one got hurt; only wet, and I’m glad I was part of it. Would have been better if the storm waited for an hour, but still, clearly a case of “the glass is half full” for me :-) and wouldnt want to miss it.

    <3 from Miss Hoodoo.

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    Miss Hoodoo

    (forgot something)
    No worries Swamp Girl, everyone who was there must have agreed about the situation. I cant imagine anyone would complain. We’ve seen enough horror stories on the news about concerts/festivals going bad. Several people died in a storm at a festival in our hometown a few years ago. And there are many many more sad happenings like that. SAFETY FIRST xxx <3


    I didn’t hear anybody complain afterwards,
    so I guess they all realized this was a necessary call !

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