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    I posted on the old sight about how John Fogerty’s music helped me, but now that I actually get to go to his concert tonight, I would like to repeat it, as some of you might find a little hope and inspiration from it. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with throat cancer. Without going into details, we can just say that the treatment is extremely difficult, 35 radiation treatments and chemo at the same time. Long story short, at the peak of my treatment, while I was at my sickest, I was sitting at the computer just screwing around, having many thoughts, none of them good. On Pandora came “Down on the Corner”. Something peaked my interest. I had always been a casual music listener and obviously had heard of John, but now I was hooked. I started looking him up on youtube and buying his music. As my interest in his music grew, I also started to feel better. Slowly, over time, and listening to lots of Fogerty, my condition continuously improved. My wife, who would catch me listening, joined in and we both became hooked. I explored all the possibilities attending one of John’s concerts, but all of them were too far away and I was not well enough to travel. I gave up seeing John live as I didn’t think he would get to the Pittsburgh area. Low and behold, my wife saw an article, unrelated to the concert, but mentioning that John would be playing at Cal U. We immediately bought tickets and tonight — WE ARE ON !

    I am now 2 years out from my diagnoses and my last PET scan showed no signs of cancer. I have many people to thank for getting me through, my wife , Barb, being at the top of the list. But very close to the top is the music of John Fogerty. This may sound silly and many of you will not believe it, but something changed the day “Down on the Corner” played, and I am still here to tell you about it!

    Tonight can’t come fast enough!

    If you read all of this, thanks and God Bless.
    There is always Hope !

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    That’s a terrific, heart warming story, Chris. I’m glad that your health has steadily improved! I’ll be there tonight, a lifelong fan of JF and CCR and seeing him for the first time live!



    God bless you, Chris and I’m so sorry to hear of the long journey you have traveled.
    The music of John Fogerty happened to come to you during a dark point in your journey and you the healing powers of his music was very therapeutic to your good health.

    I’m so glad that his music was able to restore you, and gave you great hope.

    There is something so magical about Fogerty’s music – at first it’s so relatable and accessible because it’s good old rock and roll; but the words take on special meanings to each person who hears it.

    Down on the Corner is one such song that seems to happy and upbeat, and it does alot of really incredible things to those who have the spirit to be affected by it.

    John’s songs have been a mainstay to my life, (along with other legions of fans) and I have nothing but thanks for the master.

    ENJOY the concert, Chris!!! As great as those old Creedence albums were, (and Fogerty solo career albums are) nothing compares to a LIVE PERFORMANCE.
    You got to BE THERE at a LIVE SHOW to truly experience the method and the magic and the mystery of how it all comes alive – – – I”m so glad those songs live on today and now.

    They’re too good to sit in the quiet and gather dust….they’re just too good to be ignored.
    Keep the music alive, friends!!!!


    This morning I have to say.. words are failing me. I joined this site and wrote almost 4 weeks ago about never under estimate the power of prayer and the healing of music. Never ever thinking these fan sites get read by or gets back to the artist. It was purely a personal road of what Chris and I traveled.If I had to give credit where credit was due. Once I noticed how much Chris responded to John Fogerty’s music.. I used it to inspire Chris to keep pushing forward. I confessed of writing something on this website to Chris a week ago.. we talked about how going to the concert made our journey come full circle. It was like John Fogerty mentioning last night about he met his current wife and started writing songs again.. “Got back into the game” if you will. Chris, I’m proud of you sharing your post. I loved reading it when we got home.. now that I know that someone associated with john Fogerty reads this.. Thank you!!! .. your dedication shocked both of us!.. it took us moment to process what just happened..Your music will always have a deeper meaning in our life.. We have a few daddy and daughter dances at future weddings coming up quick.. Mr. Fogerty I will raise my glass to you sir. Thank you again… Barb

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