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    before the show a few drops of rain
    beginning dry
    Italians realy can make a show
    what a crowd reaction
    John also seemed to enjoy it
    but there was a big musqito attack
    Bob Malone seemed to chase them
    while Kenny was hitting them with the sticks
    we (Robert,Petra and me) all had bites
    the crowd was singing a lot
    even after songs and John joined in again
    by the end we were hit by a rain-shower
    soaking wet
    John even did the encores almost directly after Fortunate Son
    after saying thancks to Italy , Milan and loving us all , off he was


    Yeah, great show and great crowd too. Some songs : Penthouse Pauper , Hod rod heart , mystic highway, New Orleans , Rock and roll girls !!!!!


    Here’s the complete setlist (I guess): Hey Tonight,Green River, Who’ll stop the rain , Born on the bayou , Lodi , Ramble Tamble , Penthouse Pauper , Midnight Special , Grapevine , Lookin’ out my backdoor , Hod Rod Heart , Susie Q , Mystic Highway , Long as I …, Have you ever… , New Orleans , Keep on Chooglin’ , R+R Girls , Down on the corner , Up around the bend , Old man down the road (with Shane breaking two strings on one guitar :-) ) ,Fortunate Son , Rockin’ all over the world, Bad Moon rising , Proud Mary. All in one take, no encores.


    I remember now hearing John do “Porterville” and “Workin’ on a building” during soundcheck !!

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    Miss Hoodoo

    Pool partyyyyyyyy!!! it just adds rocknroll to walk away from a concert with your mascara smeared over your cheeks, soaked shoes and soaked butt :-D what a great night!! loved how my neighbours without raincoats didnt want to be bothered by the heavy rainshowers!! Rocknroll Girls was just extra fantastic with all that water coming down, I dont know why :-D :-D
    and that CROWD!!! starting singalongs between the songs! John even picked up Cotton Fields again! and SINGING along everything!! very behaved during the show, but hysterical when the drumsticks and guitarpicks were thrown in the crowd (we just watched and laughed. Pass the popcorn!! :-D ) one of those nights when we walked back to the car with shoes going “schlp, schlp, schlp” and you just DONT CARE!!! What a night!!
    and those mosquitoes! i’m sure they were singing along too in between of sucking all my blood out of me! (i’m totally covered in bug bites)

    we’re not going to Munchen because we dont have a driver and a tourbus like some of us do ;-) so we’re staying in Italy (oh no! the horror! we have to stay in Italy! hehe! you know how great the food is here? And the coffee?)

    woohoo from Milano!!

    Miss Hoodoo <3


    I also forgot to mention that the crowd started “Cotton Fields” a capella, so John just did that one too !

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    Glad Robert and Petra are having such a great time. Keep the water wings close by. Thanks for the posts


    Thank you for your posts, Arnold, Robert and Petra!!!
    Oh, I don’t like mosquitoes or flying bugs of any type!!!

    It is strange that you had flying bugs and pouring rain together that night!!!
    (Rain usually grounds all flights of insects.)

    John’s music really stirs up Mother Nature – I guess she wanted to add her own wild and natural statement to that night of great musical entertainment!!!

    Thank you for being such hardy troopers out there!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! ** STAY SAFE OUT THERE ***

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    Miss Hoodoo

    Hey Queenie! yeah, when it started raining I wasnt really bothered, it was still warm, and the mosquitoes washed away hehehe!!! we were standing tehre “yay, so far for the mosquitoes” :-D haha!! we were prepared with raincoats so we didnt really bother, not even about the wet shoes :-D as long as its not cold! and it wasnt as apocalyptical as in Trieste.

    And yes, John stirss up the weather everywhere! It has been that as long as we follow him around. We always hear “this is really unusual” from locals :-D
    (maybe its us who attract the strange weather!)


    Miss Hooodoo,

    Please, please — SEND US THE RAINCLOUDS over here to where I live,
    in Southern California, won’t you???
    IT has been very dry for the past 4 years and we are in an emergency drought situation.

    If we don’t get rain next winter, there will be a terrible water shortage and we will all have to
    conserve, pay high prices for our water and maybe ration water.

    So – to all the excess rainstorms in Italy, I say,


    I could go outside and ask my neighbors, “Have you ever seen the rain?” and
    they would say, “NO! NO I haven’t seen any rain for a long spell around these parts!!!”

    SO, stay safe my friends, standing in the rain during one of John’s concerts.
    How I would LOVE it if I could steal those rainclouds from you and soak the dry, parched ground
    out west here.

    PEACE / LOVE / CREEDENCE for Everyone!!!!

    X O X O X O

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    Miss Hoodoo

    thats not good Queenie :-( I was thinking about it the other day, theres oil in pipelines all over the world, when will it be that we have rainwater in pipelines ?

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