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    Hello all, Im new to this forum and have to say its great. I suprised my 7yr old daughter with John Fogerty tickets for the Chicago Theatre on July 27th. I know what your thinking, thats pretty young.This little girl has loved CCR and John Fogerty since she was tiny. At 4 and 5yrs old she asked to dress up as John Fogerty for Halloween. She has beautiful long hair and would have her mom pin it up so she could look like John in his early years. At a friends wedding reception she went up to the DJ and requested Have You Ever Seen The Rain or Lodi.I have some video of her trying to dance to CCR/Fogerty. I travel for work and my wife sent me short videos of her playing with the guitar and jamming to Penthouse Pauper. I introduced her to this music and it just stuck. It goes to show this historic music is for the ages. I have never seen this legend perform live and I am very excited also as you might guess.John Fogerty wrote a song for everyone and it didnt matter there age. The music just pulls you in. We got pit tickets for this event and my daughter is already counting down the days. I think its worse than Christmas.Of course she doesnt know that I have my little calendar at work and I cross off the days also. The only thing better than seeing John perform is getting to see him perform with my lil girl by my side.


    Hi Jason! WELCOME! I enjoyed reading your story.
    I’m sure you and your daughter will have a wonderful time, enjoying a live performance of John Fogerty! You’ll have to come on back here and tell us all about it.

    HAVE FUN!!!

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    What a terrific evening. My little girl and I got there early and found out we couldnt get in until 6:30, so we went and got a snack at a place close by until the doors opened. Once inside we started counting the minutes down until the show. We went and found our seats and took some pictures. My lil girl kept watching behind the sides of the curtains trying to sneak a peak of John,lol. Once Johns son came out we knew it wouldnt be long. Our seats were in the pit right up beside the stage. What a view. From the time John made his way out and tore into Travelin’ Band and until he ended it with Proud Mary I dont think we stood still. John and his band are amazing. The way they clicked off hit after hit after hit was incredible. I also thought that the crowd got into it pretty good. Sorry to anyone whos view my daughter and I may have blocked dancing and standing. I held my daughter through most of the second half of the setlist dancing and clapping and having a wonderful time. There is no way this will be our last John Fogerty concert. John and his band created and sealed a memory for my daughter and I that will last a lifetime. John is one of those artist that comes along once in a blue moon and is without a doubt the greatest singer,songwriter,guitar player of all time. This timeless music will continue on decade after decade and never get old. My daughter loves his music so much. She would rather be stuck in Lodi with John Fogerty than at a Justin Bieber concert or anyone elses. I live a couple hundred miles from Chicago and didnt get home until very early this morning. She didnt sleep all the way home. Instead she played her CCR disc and sang. She got up this morning and searched You Tube to see if anyone posted from last night so she could show her mom what a great concert it was. Then she seen me holding her during Proud Mary as John came to the edge of the stage and she was dancing and clapping. She just about flipped out,lol. She then put on her Proud Mary shirt I bought her and took the autographed poster of him to her room and started messing around with her guitar while listening to none other than CCR.


    WOW JASON!!! What a cool review!!! I know what you mean, I was smitten with the MUSIC of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL when I was all of 9 years old!!!

    I just felt it deep in my heart that I would love all those songs for the rest of my life…and I was right…nothing is better than a CCR/Fogerty song!!!
    NOTHING can TOUCH IT!!!!
    How did I ever know that I would become a lifelong fan of CCR – being so young and not too bothered by the Beatles, or the Supremes or James Brown? They were world class musicians and artists, I would never knock those great people, but NOBODY came close to moving me the way that CREEDENCE did!!!

    I’m so happy that you have something STRONG to share with and bond with – with your little daughter!
    The power of MUSIC is something special to share.

    I have seen John Fogerty and BAND perform about 25 times…maybe 30 times by now…I’ve lost track of them all, but if he’s even somehow a distance away from my home, I make the pilgrimage to see him again!!! ( I live in Southern California.)

    His music has a special and mysterious sort of Bayou power, that can lift a person up, up, UP off the ground and take you from the dirt up to the heavens.

    I don’t know how he did it, or how in the world he still conjures it up, but Fogerty is a master – he was born dirt poor – he didn’t have any connections in the business at all, but he believed in the power of his own music – and look at the wonderful world he’s created as a result of that.

    I thank you again, Jason for your compelling story.
    TELL US MORE, if you like…we’re here, drinking it all in like a person who’s been crossing over a dry and barren desert…we are thirsting for any details in regards to John’s shows.

    You have to get your daughter some guitar lessons and CCR/Fogerty sheet music.

    I have found that over the years, I like to sit in the back – not the front – of the venues that John plays in.
    Maybe the middle section is okay too….I can hear the music much better and it blends much better with that sound compression thing that happens with artificially LOUD amplification.
    My poor ears have been blown out a time or two, so I also pack a pair of high=tech ear plugs to preserve my intricate hearing.
    Of course I always wear my dancing shoes!!! I’m sorry for the view that I blocked from all those great Creedence fans, but I CANNot SIT DURING THE MOST AWESOME HOUSE PARTIES THAT FOGERTY PLAYS!!!

    ANYHOW – have a peaceful night!!! X O

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    Tracy Nicol

    Jason that is SO sweet!! I too am a John Fogerty fan since age three! I was three when, Lookin’ Out My Backdoor came out. I heard it on the radio all the time and was obsessed! So my mom took me to the record store and bought the single for me in the picture sleeve. I have loved and followed him ever since! And I still have that single and sleeve in great condition.

    And, I was at the Chicago show as well! My parents are also big fans, so my mom went with me. We had good seats. I was thrilled at how much he showcased his incredible lead guitar playing! I think he is the most underrated lead guitarist ever! He was absolutely on fire. Just an incredible show. But then, every time I see him it’s an incredible show!

    You’re a great dad, Jason! :)

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