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    after listening to it for a couple of months now, i can’t say enough how much i still absolutely love it. it resonates w/the zen in my own soul these days. Sounds like John’s in a great peaceful place of acceptance and gratitude w/it is what it is philosophy.

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    Dan Smith

    Yes it is a great tune. John and his band seem to be real hot at this point I hope they record more songs soon

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    Winston Fail

    Great song. Train of Fools is fantastic also.


    I just LOVE Mystic Highway and all of the songs in the new “Wrote a Song” CD! Some of the songs really grow on you, and I just love the energy and good karma that comes from listening to the new album.


    hi all
    Train of fools just blows me away.!!!!….Mystic Highway reminds me a bit of cross tie walker.

    steve from England.


    hi steve! i became a fan of Train of Fools once i heard it live at the El Rey. it was fantastic for sure! John was on fire w/every song that night. it was great to see him so happy and animated along w/his boundless energy he still possesses. it was a small venue and hot and sweaty for just us watchers let alone the band sweating like a storm up on stage! Kenny must fill a 5 lb. bucket just on Ramble Tamble alone.

    i’m getting older like John and MYSTIC HIGHWAY definitely speaks to my blossoming zen within my soul these days. i also love how musically it’s like 3 songs rolled into one.


    MYSTIC HIGHWAY (in my humble opinion), has a similar pattern to RAMBLE TAMBLE; having three main sections. There’s the rocking beginning, then the transitioning middle bridge – which is drenched in gospel flavoring, and then the last third of the song returns to the first pattern of the music. OF course John tucked in some country music feel to the song and I don’t know how he can make a rock song into a country song, but he somehow does this as his trademark thing.


    TRAIN OF FOOLS is terrific as well, and all of us were singing along with John’s catchy NA na na na
    refrain. How does he find these memorable tunes that stick in your head for hours after listening to it?

    Fogerty & BAND were in fine form that night at the El Rey – we were all so stung by his youthful and exuberant performance. I am so happy that I had the good fortune to see him and also see my wonderful FOGERTY FRIENDS who were present by the dozens!!!! WOW!!!!

    GOOD TIMES!!!!!

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