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    Dear friends, please wander over to the NEWS section of this fine website and have yourself a good, long read regarding John’s upcoming performance at his spiritual, birthplace by bayou – New Orleans.
    He plans on resurrecting parts of his Creedence past and bringing his solo songs along in his guitar cases as well, for what is promising to be quite the memorable night of fun and fogerty music!
    *WISH i Wuz a jet SETTER, and I’d be right there too.

    Anyhow – there’s a lot of good thoughts going on with John these days. I’m so glad to hear that he is a far more positive person than he was back in the blue mood moon.
    He’s a happier person, and I must say that he is one of the most luckiest men on the planet!!!

    Yes, alot of badness befell him at one time, but when you stop to count up all of his blessings, the man’s been blessed a billion and a half times over.
    Yeah, yeah – – – -easy for me to say.

    But we all have our tough times. I’m praying that all our tough times are OVER once and for all, and that Easy Street is here to stay.

    AMEN and A-MEN!!!

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