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    I would like to comment for your next projex if there’s one in your mind. What I like to say is that for many years you gave us some great music and for me and the other fans who are visiting your web site you are the best of the best.
    From Creedence and solo career you gave people great concerts, great songs and great cover songs from other artists and some songs are still missing to the public in general.
    A good example is Comin’ Down The Road that you took out of your catalogue and did a great live version. Plus the update of R.A.O.T W. and Almost saturday Night.
    Here I’m making a personal suggestion in a positive way for your next projex. For your next album maybe some new songs and old songs not known at all from the public in general. Why not an album with songs like
    Back in the Hill, You dont owe me, Telephone, Hoodoo man, On the run, Between the lines, Comin’ down the road..
    Again you covered songs from others artists so why not your brother Tom with Joyfull Ressurection with is son Jeff on guitar. I would imagine for a minute the THRILL of the Fogerty Family and the FANS all over the worid for an action like that coming from John Fogerty.
    I.m not a pro but I predict some top ten songs from those 8 songs. I will bet anything..
    We are lucky that you are still performing at 68. Please never too late for a remake of those songs
    Thanks for reading my post, from a great FAN.
    By the way I have my home made Jacket for the Hoodoo album and a T-shirt. looks great!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dan Smith

    Yes we are lucky John takes great care of himself and still Rocks better then most. Yes all those songs are real great but you never can tell what John is going to do next. Back in the Hills is a great song and maybe one day he will play it live. Tom Fogerty Joyful Resurrection is one of his best songs. John has a new song Mystic Highway and I consider it one of the best songs he has ever recorded.

    Dan (Bootleg) Smith


    i agree Dan! i absolutely LOVE Mystic Highway. i think it speaks volumes of how John feels about his life these past few years. it does about my own, too. it just resonates with my inner core zen. getting old i guess. well, i’ll just go with getting oldER for now!


    I’d much rather see JF do a new CD of brand new tunes. His last two studio albums have been mostly covers, except for “Mystic Highway” and “Train of Fools.” No more cover tunes, please.

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