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    Hi Swamp Girl,

    Can we see photos of the exhibit?


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    Swamp Girl

    Let me work on getting some good ones.


    super stuff!!!

    WHOOOPS – I wonder if this will work?


    HEY!!! COOL STUFF that's neat to see!!! From out of John Fogerty's closet!!!

    I also hope that this one posts…very cool stuff taken from the back acres of John Fogerty’s closet.


    Interview process

    John during the interview at the Grammy Museum Event.
    A night where secrets of music and songwriting was revealed!!!
    Super cool night – thank youuuuuu!!!


    Interview John Fogerty Grammy Museum Event

    John looks amazing, doesn’t he?
    His entire being was strong – he is a happy man who has
    achieved the pinnacle of self-actualization.

    If he were to go back and do it all over again – would he do it the same way?

    X o X o X o


    Songwriting and Poetry are identical twins.

    John hand wrote all those wonderful hit songs years ago. (Hypergraphia?)
    Dan wondered if he ever tries to compose new music on WORD?

    High tech having some influence (vs. no influence whatsoever?) over the master – Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, www.

    I love Getty Images. Those guys go EVERYWHERE!!!! X O X O X O


    Thanks DRBQ! Looks fabulous. Glad that you got to go.

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    Dan Smith

    After we came home from the Grammy museum, I realized I lost my wallet. I decided to drive back in
    L.A. I arrived and explained to the night guard that I lost my wallet during the John Fogerty interview. I convinced the guard to let me go inside and try to find my wallet. Well after he let me inside I heard Born on the Bayou being down hallway, I ran and I couldn’t believe what I seen. It was The Beatles and John Fogerty performing a fantastic version of his song. John saw me and said Hey I told guys I was going to play with these guys tonight. The guard told that I had to leave so I ran found my wallet and headed home. Hope I see you tomorrow at the Nokia.
    Dan (Bootleg ) Smith


    HA HA!!!!!!!

    You are such a lucky man, DAN!!! WOW!!! INCREDIBLE!!!! HA HA HA HA!!!!
    On a coincidental note, I lost my brand new black and grey sweater that I didn’t even get to wear even once – on that fateful night!!!
    I brought it in with me to the GRAMMY MUSEUM, but it was too warm for a sweater, so I just hung it over my purse. I was SO CAREFUL to not let it drop off my purse the entire time, but I must have lost it during the last walk over to my car in the parking garage!!!! DRAT!!!!

    I didn’t go back…naw…..I was all the way home at the beach when I realized it was lost.

    I sent up a frantic prayer to Saint Anthony, (Patron saint of lost items and lost souls) but he must have been too busy helping other people find their lost items.

    Aw well……thanks for the fun story, Dan!!!!

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    Miss Hoodoo

    Does that dress belong to the exhibition? Is it julies weddingdress? Wish LA wasnt that far away :-(

    Miss Hoodoo


    No, Miss Hoodoo!!!
    That is the sky blue dress that Julie Fogerty wore when she accompanied John- when he won his Grammy Award!!!
    This was in 1998 I think – if my memory serves me right.
    He won the GRAMMY for best rock album (Blue Moon Swamp)

    They also have on display her matching sky blue chiffon scarf and her sparkly rhinestone shoes!
    They looked like they were a US size 6 – which is quite the tiny foot!!!

    They had a picture of the happy couple as they were seated in the audience, and then I could see that the pretty diamond broach that Julie had on her pretty blue dress was not included in the exhibit.
    This leads me to believe that the diamond broach is quite pricey and a sentimental favorite of Julies and I don’t blame her for not including it.

    The dress itself has many fine cuts sewn into it for perfect fitting. There are many darts that all precisely meet in the middle of the bodice of the dress.
    The skirt part of the dress is cut in such a manner as to flow gently with movement or wind.
    I used to sew and this sort of tailoring is of the highest end.

    Some say that this shade of blue is the shade of Muses.

    Very fitting , wouldn’t you say?

    That dress did not come off the rack of any fine department store. I shop all the time at Nordie’s and high end stores, and I can tell that this blue dress is a couture sort of fine elegant dressing.
    It was custom sewn for the lady, and for no small fee.

    Julie no doubt had to undergo multiple fittings before the big night to get it just perfect.
    It is possibly the most perfect-fitting gown that she owns!
    (or maybe she’s got a whole closet full at this point!) Lucky her!

    HA HA

    Isn’t she worth it? YES YES YES!!! INDEED!!!!

    Us gals LOVE talking about dresses, shoes and make-up and fashion.
    It was incredible to have that be a part of John Fogerty’s exhibit, but then again,
    if his wife JULIE was not included in the exhibit, then I doubt that John would even have
    allowed them to do anything.

    XO XO XO


    I’ll try to find more photos for our European friends who really can’t just jump on an international
    flight for each thing out west here.

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    Miss Hoodoo

    thanks Queenie! I remember Julie in a very nice dress like that, more recent than 1988… I think 2005-2010… but maybe she loves blue dresses… like I have a closet full of dresses with flowerprints… (but they all come from Hennes and Mauritz and secondhand stores :-) )
    Would be nice to see the exhibition travel!

    Miss Hoodoo

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