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    Just wanted everyone to know I am choosing John’s Albany show this sunday to propose to the “Joy of my Life” just before show starts :)
    Would be nice to do it on stage if your reading Mr. Fogerty……..
    But it doesn’t matter because I am lucky to have found her – she makes me a better man for sure.
    Wish me well – Sec 3 on floor….just look for the 46 yrs old love struck couple. Even wearing a flannel shirt for the occasion!
    (This was the first concert we attended together after getting together a few yrs ago, the one in Rochester…still wondering why we were in the minority of dancing couples….how can you not just love this music and move around a bit (she dances…I move around a bit)
    Let’s enjoy the show – see you all in Albany!!!
    Anyone suggest a good dinner spot before show? Coming in from Syracuse & spending the night.

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    My husband and I will be in section 3 as well…I will be looking for you. Here are some restaurants…



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    Thanks – think we’ll hit Jack’s Oyster House since we are staying up the street. The link was helpful and I may just propose there :)
    If you’d like to say hi at the show you can text me – my e-mail is johnnytcb@hotmail.com if you’d like the number! Really looking forward to this night!


    yeah, that’s cool but what if she says…..(opposite of yes?) ahem* cough! cough!

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    I am feeling it will be a Yes….pretty sure :) (but you never know….)


    HA HA Sorry, Johnny! I was attending a graduation a few years ago, and one of the grad students was up on stage receiving her diploma. For some reason, her boyfriend thought that it would be a great idea to drop on one knee after she received her diploma, and while they were both on stage, propose marriage to her.

    He picked out a beautiful sparkler and it was all set in a gorgeous red velvet box. He even brought along a dozen red roses. Nobody knew about this proposal in advance.

    (Who does this at a grad ceremony?) It was sort of awkward.

    Anyway – the big moment arrived and she was so happy to be graduating and barely had the diploma in her hand, and her boyfriend popped up on stage and got on bended knee

    In front of everyone, he professed his love for her….
    She was not amused.

    The faculty was not amused.

    I’m not saying how it all turned out in the end, but you know – some women don’t enjoy the pressure of being in the spotlight, especially if they didn’t know about it in advance.

    But I’m sure your lady love will not let you down. God bless you.

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    Not sure how good I’ll deliver proposal but I think I’ll rise to the occasion…Shooting for dinner just before show – should be an amazing night! Thanks!

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    Can’t wait to hear the rest of this story!

    All the best to you both,



    PS, also, enjoy the show

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    Thanks Stephen – leaving now for Albany….will update tomorrow night. Happy Veterans Day tomorrow! (8 yr Army Vet myself….)

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    Looking forward to hearing how it went, JohnnyTcb! and hear what you both thought of the show.

    Nancy N

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    Swamp Girl

    Yes, let us know!

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    So, how did the evening go?

    I know the show was great, it always is.

    All the best!


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    Happy to report my proposal was answered with a “Yes!” – proposed at a resteraunt around the corner from show…..Jack’s Oyster Bar…..and we had a helluva great time at show. We went to our seats in sec 3, realized seating was tight and no room to dance so we went back on floor and danced for almost the entire show.
    Thanks for all the well wishes and thanks to John Fogerty for putting on a great show that will forever have a special place in our memories :)
    Book the Landmark Theater in Syracuse the next time your coming through!!


    What a dream proposal!!! I’m so happy for you!!! Congratulations Johnny and Bride to be!!!
    LOVE is what makes the world go round!!!!

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    Vinyl Mike

    Congrats Johnny, and even if the answer was NO you were at a JF concert so it’s a special occassion either way. You could have told her after the “big question” wait, wait, give me your answer after the show, LOL. I saw JF this past November in Connecticut and had really good seats, and even connected a little with him while he was performing. I was the only person standing and dancing in the area I was in, pointing at him saying “we love you man” he looked at me and pointed back. A brief but memorable moment I will never forget.

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