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    this was my 13th concert to attend since my very first one i attended (which i bought the incredible meet and greet pkg.) in Kansas City in 2006. Up until that point, i’d been a fan for 36 years already!! I’ll never forget feeling like i was in a dream meeting John and Julie and I’m glad I’d just written him a sealed note to read later expressing my sincere sentiments re:his music as I was too awestruck to say anything relatively intelligent in his presence. He was the sweetest man ever to me and i got a great big hug from him. Next thing i knew tho, I found myself out in California two weeks later doing THREE more meet and greets with him! On the 4th and final one he was like – GUESSY GAL!! AGAIN??? i laughed and told him that it took 36 years for me to finally see a live concert and that we could just divide those years by the 4 times in a row now and pretend we were just reconnecting with each other every 9 years! He lol’d at that one and gave me a hug and we took a pic together one more and final time.

    Ok, that’s kinda the background and while it’s definitely hard to beat those as well as all the ones that followed including his Birthday Bash one at the El Rey in May which was so much fun! BUT – Paso Robles WAS.OVER.THE.TOP. Seriously. John’s voice was so strong and he talked more than he’s ever talked in a concert before and we all loved that! He has great delivery on his stories. Our son lives in Pismo Beach and it was his birthday so we treated him and his wife to attend with us and it blew them away! We were only 4 rows back and center stage and Vina Robles was an excellent and beautiful outdoor venue and the weather was absolutely perfect. My sweet daughter-in-law scored a beach ball for me at the end (it took me a whole hour to deflate it!) My son also said that he’s NEVER buying the cheap seats again as he couldn’t believe the difference it made to be so up close and personal to the stage and be able to focus on John as well as all the excellent band members he has. The first songs my son ever learned to play on the guitar were all CCR songs btw. (music he was quite familiar listening to as a child courtesy of me and dad.)

    I’ll just copy and paste from my FB page now what i wrote the other day: (but i’m leaving out the comments from friends in between my own posts. hope it still flows ok to make sense.)

    #1) John rocked the (outdoor) house last night!! omg- BEST.SHOW.EVER. Excellent outdoor venue (vina robles) and loved the special fireworks and fire effects and videos of his younger days and the crowd was just electric. John was on top of his game for sure as well as all the band members. Played 2 1/2 hours non-stop and got 33 songs in – wowza!! We do so love you, JOHN and yes – you indeed wrote a song (or 50 or so) for everyone!

    #2) his voice was extremely strong last night including the high notes. incredible. and the stage production was fabulous the whole way through. I missed all my fans tho to rock with but i did meet a lovely new friend sitting next to me and she, too, is a longtime huge fan of John and first time to ever see him live. at least i have a new friend to visit now each time we visit our son in central cali!

    #3) i had chicken school grad (i hugged him for ya sue) and donna and herm and their grandson Kyle to rock with as well as their beautiful drummer friend (and good friend of Kenny’s) Karen who plays w/the band Shameless here. can’t wait to go see her next trip here, too. It’s my son’s birthday and we took him and his wife to it and they absolutely loved it and couldn’t believe how fabulous John was as well as the whole damn entertaining and talented band was. It was seriously the best show ever. Wish all the rest of my peeps could have been there with us!

    #4) here’s the setlist from Paso Robles (Bayou Country) and hopefully i’ll be able to also post the upcoming Tulsa (Cosmo’s Factory) one, too. John talked more than he’s ever done in a concert before and people loved it! He has great delivery on his stories and they all contained interesting information to hear firsthand.

    2 and 1/2 hours rockin’ nonstop (he took one sip of water) and 33 songs!! His son Shane has come a loooong way in the past couple of years in both playing and confidence on stage. He actually looks like he’s starting to enjoy it now, too! and John’s definitely proud of him. I loved it on their duo of The Old Man Down the Road and Shane’s spotlight part and John kept pushing him, looking over Shane’s shoulder and shouting “come on, come on!” and Shane did produce under the legend daddy’s pressure and John was ecstatic over his performance. it was great and the crowd cheered for Shane as soon as the spotlight finally went back to John.


    we all thought it was so cute after John sang his Blue Moon Nights he wrote for his love of his life Julie and he ran off stage and drug her out to show her off to everyone. Of course, she looked darling as ever and he said, “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for her!” and then he turned to Shane and said “and neither would you!”


    sorry, but i’ll have to figure out how to post the pics here of the setlist we took. Rockin’ Grandma’s grandson scored the new bass player’s setlist and we took a picture of it.

    (OH! which reminds me Swamp Girl – she says she can’t log in to the forum anymore as it won’t accept her password and it won’t let her choose a new one. She said you have her e-mail tho and she asked me to ask you if you’d be so kind as to e-mail her and see how y’all can work it out for her to get back on here to post again.)

    anyway, i’m off to Tulsa’s concert tomorrow night now and scored FRONT ROW!! I have a feeling it may very well be the last concert me and Farm Boy will be able to attend and if so – it will be a great one to end on for sure. After each and every concert, I always say, “well, i can die a happy woman now!” i still can’t believe he’s coming to my own backyard! the closest we’ve ever traveled was 3 hours away to Dallas (my own original hometown born and raised in) in 2007. All the rest have been cross country flights or very long drives like the one we did w/Barefoot Girl from her town of St. Louis to Indiana (Julie’s home state.) So, I’m pretty excited he’s actually coming to poodunk Oklahoma for all us bumpkins. :P I never would have dreamed that INCONCEIVABLE would happen!

    WE LOVE YOU, JOHN!! XOX Guessy Gal


    Guessy GAL!!! WOW Ka-POW honey babe!!! You outdone yourself with all the fabulous reviews that you took the time to carefully write. It sounds like the Paso Robles show was really very incredible and outstanding, and why am I not surprised?
    John Fogerty can really deliver those wonderful songs of his in a powerful way that no one else can touch! How does he do it? What is his motivation? I have none of the answers; I’m just so happy that he’s out on the road now, touring up the nation – going places that everyone knows.

    Thank you so much, my dear girlfriend! You sure do write nice stories!!!

    LOVE & HUGS to ya!!!! X O X O X O


    aw Queenie, that’s mighty fine and gracious praise coming from such a masterful writer that you certainly are. I’m nowhere close to your prose and poetry that seems to flow effortlessly from your brain. BUT i just HAD to write something about it here cause YES.IT.WAS.THAT.GOOD!! words always fail me re:my emotions when it comes to the effect John’s music/voice/guitar/lyrics still has on me for almost 45 years now! most excellent and every single band member was fun to watch as well. love Bob Malone’s antics so much! and of course, Kenny the alien machine, was his usual 100% high energy performance.

    thanks for your kinds words and ya know i love ya back!! xox


    Hey Guessy Girl, thanks for the Paso Robles review. Have a great time tonight! And happy birthday to your son! What a coincidence! It was Chicken’s birthday too–the BIG kind where both numbers change. Since I already had other plans I had to skip the Nokia show in Los Angeles, but I tried to make up for it in Paso Robles and Berkeley where I got to hear the songs of Bayou Country and Cosmo’s Factory. Woohoo!

    Friday morning I was at the Atlantic Ocean. Eight hours and two plane rides later I was gazing at the beautiful San Francisco Bay. I fetched a rental car and headed down the 101 to a super nice venue at a winery in Paso Robles. Unfortunately Darlene wasn’t able to come so Herm was nice enough to let me borrow Rockin’ Grandma for an evening of rock and roll music. John played 33 songs in 2.5 hours. Nobody’s Here Anymore was the surprise of the night. Then there were the rarely played gems from Bayou Country Penthouse Pauper and Graveyard Train along with the not played so much recently Bootleg. And of course the best, most perfect song in the universe Proud Mary. All of that great music helped keep a short sleeved chicken warm on a COLD evening.

    After the show I headed back up the 101 to Salinas and then drove the rest of the way to SFO on Saturday morning. After a quick BART ride to fetch a yummy cream puff from Beard Papa’s downtown I headed across the Bay Bridge to the Greek in Berkeley. It was a nice, small and intimate venue. Once again it was freezing COLD but the music of Cosmo’s Factory quickly warmed me up. John played for about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Grapevine, Ooby Dooby, Before You Accuse Me, My Baby Left Me, Long As I Can See The Light and of course Ramble Tamble! Woohoo! I missed the old band members but the new ones ROCKED! It was a great birthday weekend of rock and roll. I can’t wait to do it again this weekend in Dallas and Houston with a side trip to Vegas to see Jimmy Buffett on Saturday night.


    aw, CSG – i did think of you on Monday as we were starting out 12 hour journey back home beginning w/our 3 hour drive to the SJC airport. We passed through Salinas and I told my hubby that’s where you had to drive to after the concert Thursday night for Berkeley’s the next night. Glad to hear Berkeley was a great one, too!

    Yes, what a great way to celebrate your big 50!! (3 of our 4 kids birthdays are that same week in October!) You rattled off about 10 concerts of John’s you were lucky enough to get to go to on this awesome tour. Keep us posted on each one of them, please! (i do like Jimmy Buffet’s music, too.) Sorry we missed Darlene at Paso Robles as i LOVE how her eyes are lit up the whole time at John’s concerts.

    Thanks again for the great review and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya. You really know how to celebrate it all month long now for sure! XOX

    I’m excited for tonight!


    Hey, here’s the Grad School Chicken Man posting up a STORM and I just LOVE it, don’t cha know? Hey, Alan, thank you for writing your fun style chicken foot flavored writing; here’s something you wrote that I had to copy and paste:
    “Nobody’s Here Anymore was the surprise of the night. Then there were the rarely played gems from Bayou Country; Penthouse Pauper and Graveyard Train along with the not played so much recently Bootleg. And of course the best, most perfect song in the universe Proud Mary. All of that great music helped keep a short sleeved chicken warm on a COLD evening.”

    Muddy and I were just wondering how many times John has played these songs, Proud Mary especially. I wonder if he likes to play the song, or if he sort of hates it because he’s played it a million times already, or it he really loves going to that place that the song sprung forth?

    When he played PROUD MARY at the Grammy Museum Night, just a few weeks ago, he played it solo. There was no backing instrument, no back-up singers; just John – pure and raw.
    Some call it John Fogerty unplugged, but it was such a beautiful rendition of his most perfectly composed song….I was just amazed at how beautiful and pure that he sounded while singing that song! I could only feel one emotion coming from John as he performed this song; LOVE.
    Love – pure and wild and unfettered.

    Grad School – you also brought up some lesser-played songs that John did in concert recently, such as Bootleg (LOVE IT!), Graveyard Train (pure essence of Creedence in a long jam tucked in that song), Penthouse Pauper (I always wondered WHY he would go there, but it makes more sense to me now.) And I don’t quite know if I would have recognised “Nobody’s Here Anymore.” I haven’t played that in my song list for a long, long while. All those songs are just stellar works of rock music and they have inspirted many people in all walks of life.

    Anyhow – – – it sure is nice to come on over here to read such nice reviews such as yours Grad School Alan, and Miss Guessy Gals and everyone else who posts.

    This website rocks because the fans care about one another – worldwide legions of fans of Creedence and John Fogerty – who come together and are holding hands across the world wide webs, and knocking off the occasional spider or two. God bless and have peace in your day.

    X O

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