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    Vinyl Mike

    An idea and request for John to play his 1973 “Blue Ridge Rangers” album in it’s entirety some time at a future Tour, perhaps this year. My personal favorite solo album from him. what do you think? My two favorite songs from the album are the two he wrote for it, Working on a Building and Blue Ridge Mountain Blues. What are your faves?


    hi vinyl mike
    “hearts of stone”….but the whole album is superb!!!!

    steve from England.


    Vocally, I think this is JF’s best solo album. Imagine if this album was redone with a collection of crack studio musicians? The album was way ahead of its time.


    Nice thread to start, Rockin’Maniac! Yes, i agree it’s a great album. I didn’t like it much when John introduced it in 1973. I couldn’t understand why John would do songs with C & W influence. Especially so soon after the break-up of Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, I didn’t know about why the band blew apart like it did. John has stated that he did this so not to cash in on the Creedence name. That is a statement that says it all. What integrity this man has. He stated that this was the only way the Blue Ridge Rangers would be accepted for what it was. This one of the many reasons i respect John Fogerty so much.
    My favorite songs from BRR are (by the way I grew to love this album)”Working on a Building and “Your the Reason” and California Blues.” I didn’t know or I forgot that John wrote “Workin On A Building.

    It certainly would be an interesting concept if John did re-jig the album with crack musicians. However, i think the uniqueness of the songs would be lost. Remember, John played all the instruments and all the back ground singing.


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    Dan Smith

    I wore the grooves out on that LP. Great record, lots of great memories.

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    I always felt that “Somewhere Listening for My Name” was an incredible showcase of John’s truly amazing vocal abilities. It’s my favorite on the album!


    Sorry to inform supposed John Fogerty fans that “Workin’ On A Building” and “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues” were not written by J. C. Fogerty – they were both cover songs as was the entire BRR album.

    I prefer to let the “Blue Ridge Rangers” album languish in the distant past of 1973.

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    Dan Smith

    Yes Swamp Stalker I agree amazing and it is all John.

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    There’s something about that album that I just really love. I think part of it is that it is ALL John, with his wonderful multi-tracked vocals and charming one-man band instrumentation. And part of it may also be that those songs as a whole were not often played on the radio. Anyway, I find myself returning to this album again and again – believe it or not even more so than the Creedence albums, which have been so etched into my soul – that first BRR album is just so damn listenable!



    The first song I heard off this LP was “Blue Ridge Mountain Blues.” I was out in the yard with my transistor radio and when it came on, I thought to myself, “What the hell is this crap?” I was stunned and disappointed. I had prayed and hoped that after Creedence broke up that JF would come roaring out with a kick ass, rocking solo LP to let the world know that he was still a force to be reckoned with. I went ahead and bought the LP and over the weeks and months that followed, I grew to appreciate the music on the album, and found the range of his vocals on the various songs quite impressive. This LP also turned me on to Merle Haggard, Hank Williams, George Jones, etc., which began my exploration into country music (too bad today’s country music is nowhere near as good as the stuff that came out in the 60s and 70s). In my humble opinion, this is the most underrated album of JF’s career.

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