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    Saul Zaentz 1921-2014


    So, John Fogerty’s response to the death of Saul Zaentz is to post a video of “Vanz Can’t Dance” on his Twitter account. So much for moving on from the past and letting go of the anger.


    Zaentz was 92 when he passed onto the other side. The cause of death was complications from Alzheimer’s. Plus he was very old, but a long life is a gift from God.

    When somebody passes from this beautiful earth, they face judgement from our Father, and we must try our hardest to say kind things about them. They are dead and gone; their life has become a grave that is now sealed. No part of it can be undone.

    God and only God has the power to judge a person; what they did with their life and how they treated others matters. Now and for eternity. Let us not judge, lest we be judged.

    Perhaps this proverb says it best:

    Proverbs 13:6
    “Godliness guards the path of the blameless, but the evil are misled by sin.”

    God bless.


    Let the man rest in peace allthough his mistakes
    More important for music is the death of Phil Everly !!!

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    John look to the future. The battle with him is over. For ever !!
    Be happy and do what you like the most. Make your music. You are a Legend.

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    Jim Pro

    Remember that this man had children and grandchildren. Have a little respect for his grieving family. John ,putting that song on your Twitter account was pretty low. It’s time to move on

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    Sorry he’s dead, but he did jerk John around, putting money over the music and artistic freedom. I’m with John on this one. I can forgive the man for being greedy, but I wasn’t the one told I couldn’t play my own songs, cheating music lovers and fans


    Jeacar, JF was never told he could not play his own music. Since Fantasy owned the rights to all of the CCR material, JF chose not to perform those songs live (until the Washington DC Veterans Benefit concert in the late 80s) because he would have had to pay Fantasy for performing the CCR material.

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    No one can reasonably ask you to forgive and forget, John, but that tweet is not worthy of you. The big thing to do would be to withdraw it and apologise.

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    Well, just joined what i believe is the fourth or fifth JCF forum over the years (what happened to all of the other forums?). Anywho…been reading much info over the years regarding Mr. Greed. I know in my own long life there are only 2 persons I can honestly say I “hate”. “hate”, to me, is a very very strong word. I can think of a couple dozen people I strongly dislike, but do not truly HATE them. I bet most people if they use this standard probably only truly HATE a very few people they have known in their lives. My bet is Mr. Greed is perhaps only one of a very few people JCF truly hates. I also believe that he only “dislikes” Stu and Doug, and even this has mellowed over the years.

    With all that said, John Fogerty has every right to HATE Saul Zaentz. This man KNEW he was ripping off John all through the years, and didn’t only persist in just ripping him off, but by suing him for plagiarizing his own music, etc. “dug it in” to John’s mental state, depriving him of many, many years of his “muse” to write songs, etc.

    I only wish John could have posted the original “Zantz Cant Dance” version of the song…and he would have EVERY JUSTIFICATION for doing so. But, alas, he would only get sued again…by Mr Greed’s heirs…


    The problem with hate is that the only person really hurt in the long run is the person consumed by the hate. It eats at you like a cancer. So sad to see Mr. Fogerty post the video in response to the death of the Mr. Zantz. Forgive, but don’t forget. Time to let go of the hate Mr. Fogerty and move forward.

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