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    Michael S

    Thought it was one of the best I have ever seen. And I have seen every rocker you can think of from Fogerty’s era and beyond. His guitar playing is highly underrated. He shreds. And the songwriting and his voice are as good now as 40 years ago. Thank you for coming to our area and allowing fans to enjoy such a rare talent.


    Thanks for sharing with us, Michael S.
    It’s really fun to come over here and read all about the tour.
    I love these times!!!! Thank you again, and ROCK ON!!!!

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    I completely agree with you about his playing being underrated.

    It was one of the best surprises of seeing him live.

    I knew he was good…but damn, it was unbelievable.

    Glad you had such a great concert experience.


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    I, too, was lucky enough to see John perform at California, PA.

    First, I want to say thank you so very much for offering John’s fans registered here with the fan club the amazing opportunity to buy tickets before they were offered to the public. Because of that, I was able to get 3rd row, perfectly center seats at the California, PA concert. And, day after tomorrow, at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan, I also have 3rd row seat (this time it’s the aisle)! This would have never happened had it not been for the generosity extended to the fans.

    So, THANK YOU so very much

    As for the concert, while being a lifelong fan–back to the very beginning of CCR when I was 15, this was my first time seeing John live. And what an experience and what a performance it was!! I wished I could write as eloquently as some who post on here to convey how utterly awesome it was and how spectacular it was to hear John’s voice live–how strong his voice still is– and watch what he can do with a guitar (well, many guitars, actually :) ). I’m not a musician so I’ll have to explain this as I saw it:
    There was one part where John was going to town on his guitar and then got very near one of the amps and started doing what looked like playing with the reverb coming from the amp as he neared it with his guitar. I swear it looked as if (and I was in the 3rd row and he was straight in front of me) he was not touching the guitar strings but was playing with the sound waves–or something! Whatever it was, I was awed.

    After seeing the staging for this production, I can tell you that the prices that were being charged for tickets to the public was a steal. It has to be an incredibly expensive production. And, it certainly played to the senses: Visually it was spectacular and stunning and the videos on the screen behind John were put together so as to be both interesting and beautiful. Sound: well, you get the drift from what I’ve said so far. The energy was so kinetic you could feel it. Ok, I can’t think of anything to do with smell :) but how about the fun factor! It was so darn much fun.

    I took my music loving 16 yr old nephew who at this point in his life has 2 favorites: The Zac Brown Band, and John Fogerty/CCR. In Aug., for his 16th b.d. I took him to see the Zac Brown Band. And last week, John Fogerty. He had a great time at the ZBB concert. He was blown away at JF concert!! The boy’s got good taste. And we got to share this together. Generations apart, both loving the music coming from this man and the musicians accompanying him. So, you can see on so many levels, it was quite a night! (I feel like here I should quote lyrics from one of JF’s song but all that’s coming to mind is Frankie Valli’s “Oh What a Night.” *lol* )

    Nancy N

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    Oh, Cooler words have not been spoken, Ms Flysafely!!! It’s really super hard to put it into words – the life-boosting experience of seeing John Fogerty perform in concert with his superb BAND!!!
    His songs are INCREDIBLE!!!!

    It’s just a sensory filling music fest that has gobs of history stitched into every song.
    Every person has their own musical journey, but while at a Fogerty concert, part of 1969 comes up from the Earth, and the moon beams down a special mist of rock and roll glowing….
    It’s the most amazing euphoric experience – that’s the truth!!!

    THANK YOU so much for your neat review, Flysafely!!!
    I really enjoyed reading what you had to say. X O

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    Swamp Girl

    Nancy I love your review! Thank you for your insight. They really did put so much time and effort into this production; I’m glad it’s being recognized. You can’t really go wrong at a Fogerty show!

    -Swamp Girl

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    DRBQ and Swamp Girl,

    Thanks guys! for your nice comments to my review. I’m glad I was able to convey how awesome it was though I am sure it was awesomer ;) (i know that’s not a word but it works for me here) than my words could convey. I do like words a lot though and this is a good one (as defined by Merrian-Webster) for the experience:

    visceral: felt in or as if in the internal organs of the body : deep


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    HA HA NANCY!!! One of my good friends here on the JF Forum once described her concert experience with John Fogerty as a VISCERAL one as well!!!
    (And that is a very clear cut description of what goes on….)

    We were at a House of Blues show and John & BAND were SO LOUD and SUPER GOOD, and Miss GuessYouKnowTheTune said the drum beats made her insides go into jelly roll, or something to that effect!!! She further claimed that her inner organs were doing flip flops, belly flops to the tunes and she could feel the drum beat in her heart!!! I FELT IT TOO!!!! WOW!!!!

    So, we truly DO UNDERSTAND what it is that you are trying to say, and I love your wordsmithing selection!!! AWESOME work, my dear!!!

    Please keep up the excellent work!!!!

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    DRBQ, your enthusiasm is contagious!
    and your posts are a blast to read.

    I did get a ticket for tonight. the center Orch section, Row Y, seat 23.
    Not the great seats I got during the presale. But, not bad for last minute at an event
    (yep. event. more than just a show. :) )
    that is darn near a sell out, and probably will be sold out by show time.


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