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    Hi Swamp Girl,

    I’ve got a question about John’s Facebook page. I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but it is driving me crazy: When one “Likes” or “Follows” a well-known person’s Facebook page, the Facebook avatar for that person is displayed in one’s account generally under the genre that they are most known for, such as “Music”, “Movies”, “Books”, etc. However, although I have “Liked” and “Followed” John’s official Facebook page for years, the avatar for John’s page is nowhere to be found among ANY of my “Likes”, although avatars for all my other “Likes” are displayed. The reason this is so frustrating is that I don’t have a convenient way to access John’s Facebook page when I am in Facebook. Instead I need to scroll through all of the daily postings displayed on my page until I find one that has a link to John’s page; this can take quite a long time at times. Is anyone else experiencing this issue on Facebook? If so, is there a tweak that John’s Facebook page administrators can make that would fix this?? John’s avatar should display in the “Music” section of everyone who “Likes” his page – now all 500,000+ of them!


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    Swamp Girl

    Hey Dana,

    That’s an interesting question. On my personal facebook, I do see John come up in my music section. Does anyone else have this issue? I wonder if it’s on your side or on our side.

    I can tell you the easiest way to find his page, instead of scrolling through your newsfeed to find our posts, is to just search his name up in the search bar at the top. His name should come up as soon as you type J-o- pretty much. That’s how I do it to find someone I’m looking for.

    Hope that helps and that we can figure this out.

    -Swamp Girl

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    Thanks Swamp Girl! The work-around you described does work for me! If John’s FB avatar is displayed in your “Music” section Likes, then the issue may be on my side, although I can’t fathom what it could be. But at least I have your work-around.

    Keep on chooglin’,

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    Swamp Girl, I just checked and while I do see John’s picture under my Music Likes, interestingly, when I click on the picture, a Spotify webpage opens up and I get this error message: “Error 404: Not found. Sorry but the page you requested does not exist.”

    Maybe this added info will help whomever does your web work, when I click on the photo, a “Play button” shows (as if the photo is a video or song). I noticed that some of my other Music Likes that show that “play button” (Ricky Nelson Remembered, James Burton, Linda Ronstadt, Rosemary Clooney, etc.) have the same problem.
    However, Bob Malone’s has the play button and when I click on his photo, it goes to spotify with a graphic of his latest album and “listen to Bob Malone on Spotify.”

    p.s. I never go to John’s page that way. I use the fb search bar at the top of fb page. Easier. Quicker.

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