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    but the show was hot
    sound was perfect
    first time I see the new show since L.A. 6 months ago
    show production is a big extra
    of course music is the most inportant
    great hearing those old songs (live for the first time)
    what a great band !!!!!
    have to get ready for tonight’s show
    be back at 11pm


    Myself and my girlfriend going to the Thursday concert. Anyone like to meet up before the concert for food/drinks? Mike


    It’s great to be sitting here reading these postings!!!
    The excitment is mounting!!! HAVE FUN, All Y’ALL!!!


    Yes, the Beacon was on fire Tuesday night which was a good thing since it was cold in NYC (not that bad but compared to sunny warm NC it was COLD in the Big Apple). I only got a little bit lost on the way to the show. I got on the C train instead of the 1 train–hmmm…..maybe I really do need glasses–but there was a handy dandy transfer to the 1 train at the 59th Street station so I wasn’t lost for very long. It was great to see a couple of our Forum friends from across the pond as well as one or two domestic Forum members. John forgot Shane’s solo on Old Man so Shane did some blistering guitar work on Fortunate Son instead. I’m kicking myself that I only signed up for 1 of the 3 nights at the Beacon. Anyway, here is Tuesday’s set list exactly as I wrote it down:

    Trav Band
    Born Bayou
    Good Molly
    Pent Pauper
    Grave Train
    Joy Life
    Grn River
    P-wille (not sure why I wrote a w instead of a v on my chicken scratch set list)
    Who Stop Rain
    Look Back Door
    Mystic Hwy
    Ram Tam
    Hot Rod Hrt
    Almost Sat Nite
    Long See Lite
    Hey Tonite
    Mid Spec
    Pretty Woman
    Down Corner
    Up Around Bend
    Old Man
    Fort Son

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    Were people standing up in the entire building? Beacon shows can be pretty tame and I don’t want to sit through a Fogerty show

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    Hi Brock, Tuesday’s performance started with what seemed like everyone on their feet going crazy for the longest time–some dancin’, some pumping their fists, some just movin’ to the music. I thought that they were like that the entire time so was surprised when I turned around at some point to see any awful lot of people sitting.

    I was in the 3rd row, on my feet the entire time *lol* so don’t know when or for how long people were sitting. I try to be considerate of those behind me who I may be blocking by standing and was thrilled when so many were on their feet for so long. Since it was a true theater and not arena seating (so each row went up a little from the row in front of it), I hope I wasn’t blocking people’s view cos the musicians all are a blast to watch: not only for their musicianship but also to see how darn much fun they each in their own way were having and how the expressed it. I’ll be interested to hear what others have to say in answer to yr question.

    And, truth be told, I’m sitting here at a Dunkin’ Donuts about an hour and a half outside of Manhattan. My destination should be home (Pittsburgh) but I stopped here cos I have the very strong desire to just go east instead of west and go to tonight’s closing of the tour concert, which should be just a “take the house down” kind of show! And, there are still a few scattered seats on ticketmaster. What to do? What to do? :)



    Best dang coffee on the planet!

    Dunkin’ Donuts makes the best COFFEE ON THE PLANET!!!!!

    OOooooh, slurp! slurp!!!


    Well Brock , indeed with the biggest hits everybody was standing
    great view because I turned round to look at it
    but it was alternating standing and sitting
    also an older grey gentleman on the third row was shouting that he was at the Original Woodstock festival
    John was in great shape , his voice was excellent and the technical quality of the show was superb
    one of my top3 fogerty-shows


    I forgot to mention earlier that John had two backup singers. Does anyone know their names?


    On the second night John said their names
    While I don’t know them I didn’t remember
    but they are very good !!!!!!

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    And he introduced them again on the last night. But, sorry, I don’t remember their names. I’m with Arnold from Belgium, they were very good!


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    Hey Chickenschoolgrad, I thought of you and yr question when I was reading the Examiner article (that is posted on John’s fb page) about John’s closing night of the tour at the Beacon:

    ““Up Around The Bend,” meanwhile, featured the addition of backup singers Janice Pendarvis—fresh from her visibility in the acclaimed documentary Twenty Feet From Stardom—and Rufus Thomas’s daughter (and Carla Thomas’s sister) Vanesse Thomas.”


    Applause , they’re GREAT !!!!!

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