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    Well! I did get my tickets row 10. Who is to blame for the front row seat fiasco?????? My son had 3 computers set up to make sure his Mom, me, got a dream seat. I have been a fan since 1968, I was 11. I have stuck with JF thru thick and thin. Shame on you for the mess.

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    J Criswell

    Front row tickets were available all day Tuesday and Wednesday at the Ticketmaster show site. You just had to chose the option “Pick the seats for me” and select Front Row VIP Package. Using the “Choose My Own Seats” did not include the first 3 three Pit Rows (AA-CC), Row A in Orchestra is actually row 4.

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    OP, you can’t really blame camp Fogerty for Ticketmaster’s way of doing things. Your belligerent remarks here and on John Fogerty’s Facebook page are ridiculous and childish. You should try talking nice to people, you just may get what you want. It’s amazing you have not picked that up in your 56 years.


    Hey, I’m 55 birthday in November, no present needed. I don’t know who you are but I have been on Fogerty websites a hell of a long time and have always had lovely and charming things to say.

    Is this a Catfight? That would be so much fun.



    And if you paid full attention, may not be possible, you would see the post that I have good seats and am pleased to have those.

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    I have learned from multiple concerts that the front row is not what it is always cranked up to be. Sometimes the sound in the first couple of rows can be muddled and bass heavy. I have found that 10 to 20 rows back still gives you a great view, but a much nicer overall sound experience.


    Personally, i wouldn’t trade my front row experiences in the past for anything in the world. Some definitely were better than others for sound depending on the venue – but still, i never had a bad experience on front row. Nothing but the best memories for sure. Having said that, i also enjoyed this last time at the El Rey enough to not feel the need to spend the extra $$ for VIP front rows at the next two concerts i’m attending. (re: El Rey – i’m short and since there were already 4 rows deep standing against the stage, i happened to luck out and quickly got a side stage front row standing position above the heads of the crowd below.) But everyone should go for it at least ONCE if given the chance to do so!

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    Miss Hoodoo

    Thats right Guessy! Sure the sound isnt always good in the front, but thats about the one bad thing, I think. I missed a lot of stuff due to computer problems yesterday, and right now I miss a lot of stuff because my screen is so old it cant handle this website. Are the Beacon tix onsale allready? I’d like to spend a week in NYC + see Foggey + Foggey Friends but it depends on a few things (like work) Anyway glad the forum works again and hope I’ll be able to see the nice lay out soon.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    Miss Hoodoo


    I’ve had the good fortune to see John Fogerty a few times from the front row area, and it was a blast! The transference of positive energy is ASTOUNDING coming from John & BAND up front, but the sound quality is not the best up front, however. The BAND needs a good 10 rows for the sound compression to come together and pair up with John’s amazing vocal power. IF you are in the front section, GET UP, SMILE AND DANCE!!! It helps the performers to get excited and it amps up their game – YOUR EXCITEMENT ADDS TO THE SHOW AS MUCH AS THE PERFORMERS EXCITEMENT! IT’S A GROUP-FUELED sort of MAGIC!!!!
    I love it when the entire audience GETS UP and MOVES – which normally happens every time John & BAND performs. So – be a good fan and be ready for it!!!!
    It’s a comin’ to GITCHA!!!!
    I personally like being somewhere around row 10 or the middle or the very back of the venue; it is JUST AS GOOD, as far as the sound quality.
    YES – even the humblest of seats has excellent sound quality, so I wouldn’t be upset if that’s all I got from this point on. Part of being a fan (especially if you’ve been listening since the Creedence days) is that you care about everyone’s level of enjoyment. SHARE IT, DON”T THINK THAT YOU OWN IT!!!
    If you can get front row or front-row-ish seats, you’re in for a wild ride! Have fun and
    BE NICE!!!! (Some of you have never tried being nice, I can tell from certain posters here, but if you would only give it a chance, some doors might even open up for you.)
    BE NICE or GO HOME!!!! PEACE /// OUT!!!!


    You bet drbq! Row ten happy! I have been upclose at the 9:30 Club in DC. The venue in b’more is lovely. What to wear what to wear??? Met John in 86, I am sure he remembers!




    And Nuthin else? Oh my!

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    Jim Adams

    Hey BadGirl,

    You have done OK with the tix. I had VIP in Cincy about five years ago, and it was great except I had the speakers right in front of me and felt like Kenny was kicking me in the gut all night long. I did appreciate the JCF attention tossed my way that night.

    A year or two later I worked myself up front in Atlantic City and again felt Kenny’s kicks for several days..literally, if you are in front of the speakers you must wear earplugs!!!!!! And a bullet proof vest foe the stomache.

    This is going to be a great show, I can feel it in my bones already. I have a block of seats for my ten employees, we are in Row B and C, probably five or six rows back. I hope to re-connect with Darlene if she’s coming (you can stay with us!!!) and maybe get down front sooner or later.

    Looking forward to this one six months out, see you there.

    A/k/a Cypress Knee

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    Swamp Girl

    By the way, Jim, if you want to change your user name to Cypress Knee, you can click on your name and go to Profile > Edit and put in whatever name you’d like.

    -Swamp Girl


    Thanks Cypress, You are right it is going to be sweet.

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