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    James Wiley

    As one who was in college when CCR first appeared on the scene, I’ve been a fan for many years. Saw John in Atlanta a couple of years ago, it was a great show, reasonably priced, and I was excited to hear that he was coming back to Atlanta this Fall. The excitement faded quickly when I saw the ticket prices ($118 for a “mid-priced” ticket at an outdoor venue), just another example of how live music is being ridiculously overpriced by ticket merchants, promoters, and venues. I’ll be passing on this one, John, since I’m no Fortunate Son (and no fool, either).

    James Wiley
    Decatur, Georgia

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    J Criswell

    You have the Rolling Stones to thank for this! Their current tour lists a floor seat in the back for $650. John’s tour is reasonably priced and matches fellow artists like Mellencamp, Petty etc.

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    J Criswell

    John could be charging $200 for his front level seats. Keep in mind, costs for everything has been increasing, that means gas for buses,trucks, salaries for road crew, percentage for promoter/touring company, venue costs.


    Yea the tickets have skyrocketed.I seen Kid Rock on the Today Show this morning.He is touring this summer with Uncle Cracker,whoever the hell that is.But the good thing is he is only charging $20.00 per ticket. He said he understands that a lot of people can’t afford to go to concerts because of the pricing. I think John should get back to the pricing that he had a few years ago.He should remember that most people that attend his shows are probally on fixed incomes as most seniors are. Right after DejuVue came out he came to the 9.30 club in Wash. D.C.. I was so close I could have polished his shoes. The price was $45.00 .Such a deal and it was up close. Hooch!


    At the show I’m going to there are cheaper grass seats only $45.
    I’m choosing to sit closer to the stage so I’m paying $95.
    We need a chair.
    They add on service fees and parking and that brings it to $111.00
    I have to buy 3 tickets for Herm and I and my driver.
    Yes, I’m on a fixed income that would scare any of you who had
    to live on it but a JOHN FOGERTY CONCERT is my way of getting my
    FIX and keeping the doctor bills down.
    After a show Herm and I are riding high for a couple years. You just
    can’t get that kind of high from anything else.

    You don’t want to be the one regretting those few extra $$ in a year or two
    if John decided to retire and not perform day after day.
    When a man his age works as hard as he and Julie and Bob work then they are worth
    every dollar you can scrape together. Do some recycling. That is how Herm and I
    could afford John’s shows before Herm had his stroke.

    Be happy you are still young enough to rock ‘n roll with the BEST IN THE MUSIC BUSINESS.

    ROCKINGRANDMA (AGE: pushing 79)

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    Hi James, did you use the link that is on this website under the tour section? They are showing the price range to be (including all additional fees): $28.50 to $82.50. With $300 for VIP tickets.
    That’s for the Alphretta, GA show. I put in the pre sale code and got these prices. Pre sale tickets are still available as it shows tickets to the general public go on sale June 21.
    You may have been at a broker site or scalper site or some such thing if you were seeing $118 for mid priced tickets.


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    I think an artist like John should charge between $35-$75 for tickets. Most shows on the upcoming tour fall into the range. But a few – Durham, NYC, and Baltimore, to name a few – have tickets onsale for around $150. Not even megastars like Bruce Springsteen or Pearl Jam or even Brad Paisley charge that much! (and don’t get me started on the Rolling Stones prices…)

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