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    Have you ever had ONE OF THOSE WEEKS, when things that shoulda gone right, went WRONG???
    Well friends; I had once such week last week and I was feelin’ down.
    I had to restrain myself from loosing my composure and loosing my cool at work, because my people were NOT following the rules, and violating the agreements made from many years back.
    I instructed the NOT to do something and half of them DID the thing they knew was wrong. ugh.

    I was feeling down. I was feeling disrespected. I had to grab hard to hold on to my temper.
    I kept my anger submerged.

    After the shift was over, I thought of possible solutions, but I always want to be a positive force in guiding young nurses into the profession. So compassion has to be first and foremost.

    So as I was taking my beach walk, I was contemplating the options that I would use. I watched silently as 3 dolphins made a rare appearance swimming near the shoreline of where I do my beach walks.
    It was a magical moment of inspiration for me.

    I also had the CD, Wrote A Song for Everyone playing in my car….I hadn’t listened to it lately, but hearing those good songs once again really served to restore my inner peace.
    Some songs are so calming to my troubled soul.

    I can’t describe how they overcome my turmoil – all I know is after hearing, “Long As I Can See The Light” and “Almost Saturday Night” my spirit is recharged – I get back into my happy place and I can be the sort of leader that young people need to hear and follow the instructions of.

    If you haven’t listened to the title track, “Wrote A Song for Everyone” I highly recommend that you do so soon. That song is a gift.
    I really do LOVE Miranda Lambert’s pure-note voice and how John can duet with her and he sounds as good as he did when he first sang this beautiful song.
    I even have gotten into the Tom Morreo bridge part. This is a song that’s so far ahead of its time.
    It’s like a good friend – one person who was feeling down is talking to another friend who has an equally perplexing set of problems.

    I got back to my group yesterday and my solutions were perfect. We had a much better work day; and my composure is once again restored to the positive place that it needs to be.

    Thanks, Wrote A SONG for EVERYONE!!! I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH!!! X O X O X O

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    Swamp Girl

    I love it! Thanks for sharing, DRBQ. We always look forward to your positive thoughts and inspiration.

    -Swamp Girl


    I can totally relate DRBQ. Last month, my 87 year old mother fell down and broke her hip. It’s a total life changer for her after living independently for so, so long to now being inside a rehab facility. As a teacher, I’m fortunate to have a lot of sick days saved up so I could help my mom through this past month. But, still very stressful to say the least. I teach 6th grade language arts and I came back to school yesterday after another two days off. My lesson plans have been a mess as I’ve tried to balance getting my mom’s house packed and sold, talking with various doctors, writing lesson plans for subs, etc., etc. Anyway, I was in at work 5:00am yesterday morning and had just made a cup of coffee and turned on Pandora Radio. I was staring at a pile of papers needing grading, looking at my lesson plan book trying to figure out how to make it all come together and just when I’m ready to throw my hands up and let loose with a primal scream, on comes my favorite song of all time (yes, it was most definitely a God thing)..UP AROUND THE BEND! That song NEVER FAILS to put a smile on my face. I just made myself a cup of coffee, closed my classroom door and cranked the volume to max and sat down and entered into two minutes of pure nirvana. Needless to say, the rest of the day was awesome. Thank you Mr. Fogerty for saving my day.


    What a cool story!
    Thanks for putting it out there, Rockin’ M.

    You’re also bringing up some memories of my mom and the situation leading up to her passing.
    When my Pop passed, I had to pack the whole house up and sell it, with an older vulture of a sister making the money grab all along. It was hard going, but in the end I was able to maintain my sense of decorum and fairness because I keep John’s music nearby.

    I have to also say that MYSTIC HIGHWAY holds a new level of power in my life these days. It’s such an upbeat sort of song and I just adore those lyrics!!!

    Everything is connected; everything and everyone!!! Don’t cha just love that thought?

    Fogerty keeps my planet from imploding. Thanks, John. X O

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