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    I pity all those riggers, drivers, technicians AND BANDMEMBERS who have to do all those miles
    from Italy to Germany and come back the next day to Italy a few hundred miles from Milan
    I went straight from Milan to Trieste for a day off
    you arrive from the mountain through narrow streets going down to the sea
    to me it lookes a lot like Monaco in the South of France
    they have been building the stage the hole day in front of my hotel and setting the seats in open air
    it’s a square with Italian style palaces on three sides and the sea on the fourth
    some of those palaces even have gold in their front walls
    so John sees the crowd and the sea behind with expensive yachts coming in from the rich ones
    the square is almost on sea level like in Venice (Italy not LA)
    beautiful shops, beautiful Italian weman and delicious coffee and gelati
    oh yeah : Ms.F everywhere sales in those beautiful shops
    so… you remember the credit-card song of The Eagles “take it to the limit”

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    Gold in the front walls ? Just what a dentist can use. Help yourself. Sounds like it’s a great time

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    Miss Hoodoo

    yes this is a beautifull beyond words town. And it strangly feels American too to me. America in the mediterrean!! (the old buildings you see in San Fran, or New York) everything is huge and impressive here… even the storms :-D

    <3 from Miss Hoodoo with wet socks back at her own hotel


    Trieste, Italy

    Does anyone have pictures of the concert hall where John was set up to play his incredible show?
    Your descriptions of the place sound so beautiful!!!

    I’m so sorry that the rain got too dangerous with the electricity in the sky!!!

    Best decision is to cut the show short to ensure safety of the fans and our hero!!!

    God bless!!! (And don’t mess with Mother Nature!)

    X O X O X O

    Map Italy

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    Miss Hoodoo

    hey look, thats our hotel! I have pictures, will post them if I know how too.

    ps: no, its not really our hotel, and yes, the city is super super pretty.

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    Miss Hoodoo


    (does this work??)
    this is the square Piazza d’Unita Italia I found on the net, NOT from the concert. Johns stage was situated on the right on this picture, in front of tahat biulding with the green tower. On the left side on this picture is the sea!


    OH, that is BEAUTIFUL Miss HOODOO!!! Thank you for giving us an idea of how classic the town is!!!
    You are so lucky to be able to travel all over Europe to see the towns and enjoy the BEST MUSIC on the planet!!!

    Thank you for the picture!!!


    X O


    For me this was one of the two most beautiful settings
    the south-street seaport N.Y. for the Blue Ridge Rangers show being the other one
    each on a totaly different level but both extra ordenary
    in Trieste I experienced the total built-up , storm and break-up of the stage
    also having a nice chat with the two Dutch truck-drivers
    sound-check by the technicians with Tim on organ and singing “Bob Malone,Bob Malone….”
    if John comes back to Trieste for a replay I will be there
    my hotel on the right of the photograph was ideal for a refuge during the storm
    also for Robert and Petra


    Again I thank you Arnold and Petra for your stories
    touring with John. I wish I could have seen all of
    your part of the world in my youth.
    Thanks to Petra’s blog I’ve seen most of it. I wonder
    which country is John and Julie’s favorite.

    My dad spent a lot of time in Italy during WWII and I bet
    he’d love to see it now as a civilian. It looks beautiful.

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